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Stuck in Hexxat ToB tomb, need help

3/4 of the map is explored, upper left corner and the center is still covered in fog of war, i've fought that Merc chick 4 times so far i think, can't go further than the area with the mage and spiders, no more visible doors, any help would be appreciated. Also, there was a funny dialogue with Viconia once i entered the mage-spider room, she said something about leaving the group, is that a bug, seemed very out of place? Thanks!


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited December 2013
    There's a secret door in the northeastern part of the library room before you get to the mage/spider area.

    The deal with Viconia may be related to Rasaad's quest, if you've accepted it. She's a worshipper of Shar and isn't fond of taking out a Shar cult. I wound up kicking her out (while in the pocket plane) until after Rasaad's questline resolved, then bringing her back in with no trouble.
  • milanmmilanm Member Posts: 27
    Found it soon after i posted myself, it was weird, i stood at that spot several times and the doors never revealed, later i just walked by and there it was.

    I only did Rasaad's SoA quests, haven't even summoned him in ToB, so it can't be it. I also noticed during Dorn's Lumia quest that Journal shows as if i were in SoA again, old quests were showing, it's very likely that these new NPC quest areas just load all the wrong dependencies, hence the weird bugs.
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