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Bug: Character select pane restore button missing if a save with it hidden is loaded

DucksualDucksual Member Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in iPad (Archive)
Tested on: iPad Air (IOS7.0.4)
BGEE Version 1.2.2031

I didn't see this reported anywhere so apologies if this is a known bug.

The character select interface on the right hand side of the screen can't be restored in saves made where it was hidden on freshly opening Baldur's Gate.

Expected Behavior:
A button should be present to restore the hidden pane as it was when the save was made.

How to reproduce:
- Load a single player game
- Hide the character select interface
- Make a new save game with this interface hidden
- Close the application
- Reopen the application and load the save you just made
- The button to restore the character select interface is missing

Workaround to restore the interface:
- Load a save with the interface visible
- The button to restore will be at both top and bottom
- Press it twice so the character restore page is hidden again and the button is visible
- Reload the save with the missing interface
- The button to restore it will be visible

Further Bug:
- If you then immediately minimise Baldur's Gate, wait for the music to fade and restore it you can no longer control anything other than pinch zooming and have to close and reopen the game to regain control.
- I've only managed to make this happen just after restoring the interface in this way.


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