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Lothander Geas Bug--Use the Book, stuck in a convo loop with High Priestess

I am in the Umberlee Geas scroll section of the Lothander's Geas quest. I spoke with the Umberlean high priestess, then went to the Hall of Tymora and got the book of wisdom. Metagame-wise, I wanted to use the book on my main (even though' he's a cava with 13 wis) and not let the Umberleans get their evil hands on it. So, I rp'd him reading it to make sure it was not something that would greatly assist an evil goddess, good upright fellow that he is, and low and behold, it vanished! Then I wanted him to go back to the temple and tell the priestess that he accidentally read it and it vanished. I hoped she would get pissed and attack, so I could slay her evil ass. But she just pretended as though I'd never been there before and asked me to get the book from the Tymorans. Well, I went back to them, wondering if it was an infinite wis book loop, and it's not. They have no other dialogue options.

So now the priestess is stuck thinking it's the first time we meet every time I talk to her.

Hoped you could run some check as to whether or not the book was taken from the tymorans after the first time talking to her, and then at least give the character the "i don't trust you so gimme the scroll first" dialogue and then the "don't actually have the book" dialogue. That said, some additional options, like "I accidentally read the book and it disappeared", or " I have the book but I refuse to give it to the followers of an evil goddess (is you're good), or even, "I'm sorry I tricked you, but I don't have the book. Thank you for the scroll though, and here's some cash", or something. Basically anything other than the loop.

I wish I still had the Child's Body quest active so I could ask for the body real nice and get her to attack me so I could just kill her and get the scroll too. But that ship has sailed (ie, finished that quest with Tenya).

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