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The "Known Issues" Stickied Thread and the New Patch

IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
With the introduction of the new patch here on the iPad, I'm going to take a few steps in the next couple days. I wanted the community know this so it doesn't look like I'm trying to sweep away bugs or whatever.

1) I'm going to close, lock and unsticky the current "Known Bugs" Thread. I'll probably also re-name it to something like "Pre-2031" so we know these were the bugs reported pre patch.

2) I'm going to look over the comments in the Interface sticked thread and see if anything still applies after the last new patch...LOTS of updated interface changes here made things significantly better.

3) I'll open a new "Known Issues" thread and probably sticky some of the old Known Issues thread (the informational part) in a new thread. This allows me to separate the informational part from the bug reporting part.

From here out, if anyone has new iPad bugs, we'll follow the same process as before: Create a thread for discussion and link that thread into the new Known Issues thread (will be created soon).

Thanks to everyone on the iPad forum for help with the iPad version of this game.

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