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Please add slight delays to trap activation.

DeisDeis Member Posts: 24
edited December 2013 in Feature Requests
Since the removal of the throwing of Special Snares traps, it is much harder to hit multiple enemies with traps. This is caused by the instant activation of said traps. I propose that a slight delay be added to traps, so that all enemies have time to run hostile or time to get within range. I think this delay should be added to both regular and special snares.

One of the classes I really enjoy playing with and soloing with is the Bounty Hunter. Since the ability to throw the special snare has been removed, I have really struggled to appreciate this class as much. My big problem is this. It is EXTREMELY hard to get your traps to affect more than one enemy at a time. For my example I would use the adventuring group from the Den of the Seven Vales. The smart-mouth dwarf insults me, so I bide my time and sneak in to lay a trap before I attempt to teach him a lesson. As soon as the fight starts the trap goes off, hitting only one of the enemies. This happens because they all turn hostile a tiny fraction of time apart from each other.

I run into this problem constantly while scouting also. I run across a group of enemies while stealthily scouting, so I retreat a small distance and lay down two traps that I attempt to lure the enemies into. What almost always happens though is that the enemy in the lead eats both traps and none of the other enemies are hit at all. This makes trap based game-play, which is almost the entire point of playing a bounty hunter, frustrating and tedious. I almost always end up either having to reload multiple times in order to receive a relatively decent outcome, or having to cheese by picking off one at a time with massive amounts of traps.

EDIT: Durrr, I just realized I can still throw my Specials Snares. However, I still feel my point is valid.

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