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Crashing while switching windows, between game and worktop

Hi, ive got a slight problem, while i run BG2-enhanced edition on my Fedora 20, it wors pretty well, but it crashes, while i try to switch between other worktop windows?is there a some solution?I installed the game in windows first, then i copyed a folder with BG2 stuff to my linux partition and i run it with wine. Any help apriciated

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  • EmptinessEmptiness Member Posts: 238
    If you switch the game to windowed mode (< alt > + < enter >) and then switch to another window, does the game still crash?

  • wordamoufwordamouf Member Posts: 3
    yes it works with alt+enter somewhat, but after going back to full screen it crashes still, and mouse dosent work, (trying to click other application, alt +tab works, but can't do anything with mouse.

  • EmptinessEmptiness Member Posts: 238
    It is possible that someone else might be able to help you, but your configuration is probably fairly rare. I don't have any experience with Linux, so I can only offer the most basic (and obvious) suggestion: don't try to switch to other windows. Alternatively, you could play only in windowed mode, and try adjusting the hardware mouse cursor setting in graphics options for the game. Perhaps turning that off would allow your other applications to use the mouse correctly while the game is running.

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