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Poison Weapon Lasts Multiple Rounds??? BUG or Intended?

syllogsyllog Member Posts: 158
This is true for Assassins in both BG:EE and BG2:EE for me.
I thought poison weapon was only supposed to last for one round.
But it lasts just over 4 rounds (tested). [That is to say that every hit made in that four rounds period poisons the victim - which get's ludicrous quickly.]

It's awesome, but it's keeping me from creating an Assassin-->Mage Dual as I feel like it's bugged in an OP way.
Is this intended behavior?

(And for those that want to correct the dualing logic: A6->M9 gives you two poison weapons which synergize with MMM & polymorph self, 100% dispel illusions as well, a hit and damage bonus, and expanded prof. options.)


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