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Bug with Rassad quest?

I have done all 4 tests in the heretic temple for rasaad's quest, but cannot get Collus to appear, and nothing seems to trigger in the area, what am I missing?


  • LasejixLasejix Member Posts: 17
    I have the same issue than you, have you find a solution since you posted this message?

  • billygreatbillygreat Member Posts: 66
    In my case , after finishing the 4th test, moving to the center of the temple will spawn the master of arms and will initiate the dialog for a final big battle in front of the temple. Because i did not want to trigger the final battle, after the 4th test i exited the temple, fully explored the map- free Wilson, bonded monks and some spy killing behind the temple. After that, I entered back, moved to the center and triggered the last fight.
    Bottom line, after the 4th test , moving to the center will trigger the next phase. If you cannot trigger it, then there must be some bug.

  • FlowFlow Member Posts: 21
    It depends. If you failed one of the 4 tests then you will not get the dialog in the center of the room. It is not very clear if you failed a test. The two on the left hand side have are the tests you are most likely to fail.

    Reveal a secret: Either tell you are a child of Bhaal or that you stole money and blamed Imon for it.

    Confession: You need to confess for somebody else. You can either report a monk to have taken 20 gold for a better live or the female monk you met outside that she did not give up selune.

    If you passed all tests you should have following items:
    Gem of true seeing (Test of light)
    Beholder Helm (Room of pain)
    Some fighting gloves +THAC0 and cold dmg (Revealing a secret)
    Clock of Atonement (Confession)

  • CromcakesCromcakes Member Posts: 11
    I can't even get Rasaad to trigger in the Docks =\

    Add your problems and I consider just dropping him. idk.

  • billygreatbillygreat Member Posts: 66
    What trigger in the docks in BG2? maybe in BG1 ....

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