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Help with MODS

karnagekarnage Member Posts: 92
Hi, everyone. New here, and new to modding. I do have a talent in programming and enough knowledge to be dangerous. For Baldur's Gate and WeiDU, I have, really, 0 experience; but, I have scripted AI files for myself for several years, and they work well. So, I'm far from pro, but competent.

I am attempting my first mod, which is to include a new character, "Vondo", into the game. It has been a struggle as I had no idea what WeiDU was or how to use it, but I'm catching on quickly.

I think I'm getting it, and I think I'm almost done with this mod, but I have one problem:

Running WeiDU (even as administrator), I am receiving the message that permission is denied to dialog.tlk -- I am running Vista, but I am NOT installed in the "programs" folder and I have repeatedly ran system command attrib -r -s on both the parent folder and on dialog.tlk; the folder still has the infuriating "read only" attribute set, but the individual file does not.



  • WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
    IIRC, the read-only attribute only matters for files. It means something else or is disregarded for folders, or something.

    Have you checked which account has ownership of your game folder and the files therein?

  • karnagekarnage Member Posts: 92
    I have a utility for "claim ownership" that I have used. How do I check? (Thanks for your prompt reply -- What is IIRC?)

  • WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
    IIRC=If I recall correctly

    Ownerships and related permissions should be located under right-click->properties->some tab.

  • karnagekarnage Member Posts: 92
    Got it! Frustrating at first, then I realized what I was doing wrong ... I was running WeiDU as "Administrator" but when I just ran it, it worked. The first time, I had a nasty crash because I forgot a block; but got it in there.

    Vondo is now in the game at any time I want him in there He will need more life and personality; with banter, responding to different situations in the game, etc. I also want to give him a new voice; the one that's there is the default, which I frequently use for the protagonist (I'm too lazy to change it, most times).

    I will have plenty of questions later!

    Thanks again!

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