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Getting charachers from BG1:EE iPad to BG2:EE PC (Steam)

I'm not sure if this has been answered before, but a quick search didn't yield me any answers to please bear with me.

Here is my situation; I played through all of BG1 on the iPad (which was great, thanks!) However, I missed the open nature of the PC, so when it was available, I bought BG2:EE on Steam when it was released.

However, I've been left scratching my head on how to let Harry the Hatchet carry on his adventures currently.

On the iPad version, there is a character export function, which creates a character file with the extension .bg1character. The file is less than 1 kB large, which is a bit odd.

When I start up BG2:EE and create a new game, it doesn't recognize the file. At all.

When I make a new character and export it (in BG2:EE), it has a file extension .chr and the file size is about 7 kB. Clearly something is very different between the files I export from the iPad version of BG:EE and the PC version of BG2:EE.

If anyone has successfully done what I'm trying to do or know a method that will work, I'd be very happy to hear about it.

Thanks in advance,


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