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Beastmaster dies when familiar dies?

I (probably mistakenly, LOL) decided to give a beastmaster a go for the first time. I actually was enjoying it until my familiar was killed by a single blow from a dire wolf (must've been a critical hit?), and my character instantly died along with it. At that time, I was at level 1, with 15 constitution, 11 HP at start and 17 total with the familiar present.

My understanding is that a character loses a point of const plus half the familiar's HPs when a familiar dies. Since my character's starting HP was 11, shouldn't she have lost 1 HP for the loss of con (the bonus point gained from having 15 con), plus 6 HPs as half the familiar's HP total, still leaving her with 5 HPs?

On a side note, if I had actually made it to the 2nd level and level'd up, would the familiar have level'd up too? I know familiars are more powerful if your character is at a higher level, but is that only if the familiar is created at a higher level?


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