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NPC Mod - Subject has nothing to say to you.

TwaniTwani Member Posts: 640
Hi. :)

I'm working on an NPC mod. I'm ready to put him in to the game for alpha goofing off and the like, and indeed, he installs. However, when I go to talk to him at his join spot in the Friendly Arm Inn, he simply does a '(NAME) has nothing to say to you' routine and ignores me (quite rude, I must say). I have his dialog file set up in the cre file (with DLTCEP), and I have the COMPILE EVALUATE_BUFFER ~dlg file~ as well as the WRITE_ASCII 0x2cc set in the tp2. Does anyone have any idea where else I could have screwed up so that the regular/join dialog isn't working?

(On the same note, his portrait isn't working, either, even though that's set up in the DLTCEP, I'm copying the files to override, and I'm using the WRITE_ASCII files. So I'm guessing the same thing I did wrong with the dlg file(s?), I did wrong with the portraits, but I'm not sure what it is.)

Any help would be appreciated. :3 Thanks!


  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,599
    What does the coding of the dialog look like?

  • TwaniTwani Member Posts: 640

    CHAIN IF ~Global("M3AltMetBG","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN M3ALT gr
    ~Fair winds, traveller. Did you come from the north? The south? Did you see any caravans along the way?~
    DO ~SetGlobal("M3AltMetBG","GLOBAL",1)~
    ++ ~I did not.~ EXTERN M3ALT gr2
    ++ ~Well, I saw what looked to be the ruins of one down south a bit.~ EXTERN M3ALT gr2
    ++ ~I wasn't really paying attention for them.~ EXTERN M3ALT gr2

    CHAIN M3ALT gr2
    ~Blast. I was hoping for some sign of trade, but everyone has the same answer. Completely dried up. Disturbing for a region that relies so much on it.~
    ++ ~How long has this been going on?~ EXTERN M3ALT gr3
    ++ ~Do you stand here inquiring about the caravans to every stranger you meet?~ EXTERN M3ALT gr4
    ++ ~Does it look like I care?~ EXTERN M3ALT gr5

    CHAIN M3ALT gr3
    ~Too long. Long enough that it looks like there's going to be war, which is never good for the caravans. Some trade, yes, but never the caravans.~
    IF ~~ EXTERN M3ALT gri

    CHAIN M3ALT gr4
    ~Well, sometimes I go out and check for them myself. When I'm not doing that, though, yes, I'm usually here. It's my duty.~
    IF ~~ EXTERN M3ALT gri

    CHAIN M3ALT gr5
    ~I'm... not really good at reading people. I guess you mean you don't? Sorry. I'll explain.~
    IF ~~ EXTERN M3ALT gri

    CHAIN M3ALT gri
    ~I am a Windwalker. Altan is my name. My usual duty is guarding caravans, but... without caravans, there's no one to guard. So I'm looking to sign on with an Adventuring Company and find out why that is. And to explore places and generally adventure and all that. And you seem to be an Adventuring Company, of sorts.~
    == %JAHEIRA_JOINED% IF ~InParty("Jaheira") InMyArea("Jaheira") !StateCheck("Jaheira",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN ~He seems a bit naive, but Windwalkers are well thought of by certain organizations that do right by this world. I wouldn't tell you how to form your party, , but he may be worth considering.~
    == %VICONIA_JOINED% IF ~InParty(“Viconia”) InMyArea(“Viconia”) !StateCheck(“Viconia”,CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN ~A weak male for a weak god. We have no need of him.~
    == M3ALT ~I know my way around the Sword Coast well, and if you need a guide to get somewhere, I can probably help you. I'm a skilled tracker, and a decent cook. And I know it's not a bow, but I have a pretty mean shot with a sling.~
    ++ ~I'm . What exactly is a Windwalker?~ EXTERN M3ALT grw
    ++ ~I think I could make use of you. I'm . Welcome to the party.~ EXTERN M3ALT grj
    ++ ~I'll give you my name- - but I want nothing to do with a coddled child like you. Off with you.~ EXTERN M3ALT grhn

    CHAIN M3ALT grw
    ~It means I serve Shaundakul in all things. I call upon him for divine aid to heal my friends and harm my foes, and I trek through the wilderness and serve as nature's eyes when it is needed. Or, put more simply, I'm a priest as well as a ranger.~
    ++ ~That sounds pretty useful. Come along with me.~ EXTERN M3ALT grj
    ++ ~Interesting enough, but I don't have need of you at the present.~ EXTERN M3ALT grhn
    ++ ~A weak-willed cleric to a weak God? No thank you. Keep on pestering strangers, for all I care.~ EXTERN M3ALT grhn

    CHAIN M3ALT grhn

    CHAIN M3ALT grj
    ~I'll do my best to live up to your expectations.~
    DO ~JoinParty() RealSetGlobalTimer("M3AltGenasiTimer","GLOBAL",300)~ // This hopefully triggers the genasi talk very soon after joining


    IF ~Global("M3AltMetBG","GLOBAL",1)~ gra
    SAY ~Oh, . Fair winds. Do you have need of a cleric? A ranger? A cleric/ranger?~
    ++ ~I do. Join with the group.~ + grj
    ++ ~Not at this time.~ + grhn


  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,599
    If this is the first time this person is speaking, you should have the trigger NumTimesTalkedTo(0) in your dialog.

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