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Last battle Sarevok immune??

Is sarevok suppose to be immune to all types of damage?

I am using SCS and Battle Enhancer, and all my warriors are using atleast a +1, +2, or +3 weapon, but everytime I hit sarevok, it just says he is immune to it. I can't kill him?? Help please.


  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    SCS? You can't hurt Sarevok until his allies are all dead, if I recall.

  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    Yeah and killing them once is not enough, you need to destroy their skeleton forms as well.

  • shadow85shadow85 Member Posts: 126
    edited December 2013
    Yeah I just did it. In SCS + BE, there is absolutely no way you can beat all them head on. I had to summon monster straight away then run my party back to the entrance to the tomb, and wait till sarevok's allies potions, and enhancements wear off. Then I had to lure each of sarevok's ally out to the entrance where my party was waiting, 1 by 1. So I killed each of his allies this way 1 by 1. Then took on sarevok and beat him.

    If I tried to fight sarevok and his allies all at once from the get go, my entire LVL9 party was cut down in about 10 seconds flat, with SCS + BE.

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