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Need Assistance with original Baldur's Gate Trilogy Mod

Reaper004Reaper004 Member Posts: 19
Hey everyone, I'm going to start a fresh game using the original Baldur's Gate [hell, I've already gone through the Enhanced Edition(s) twice], and I need some help with the 1PP Mod;

My problem is this, I tried 1PP once before, and unfortunatly the end-result wasn't even close to that which we see in BG EE. It installed alright, no issues, I guess I just bunked up the install and didn't choose the right choices, and my problem with that is because I simply don't understand the terminology.

Does anyone know a way that would be able to dumb-things down so I can get the paper dolls, flaming swords, quarterstaves, and circlets in the original BGT to be exactly [or as close as 1PP allows them to be] as they are in the Enhanced Editions?

There's things that I just don't get. What is the difference between an Avatar and a Paper-doll? I thought they were the same thing =X Color me confused.


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