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[Known 7380] BG2EE: Returning from Polymorph Self Removes Quick Spells

EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 500
edited September 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
Greetings, all!

Let's assume I bind Animate Dead, Stoneskin, and Spell Immunity to my quick spells (F4, F5, and F6 respectively). I cast Polymorph Self and change my form - any form will do. When I return to my natural form, the spells that were once in my quickslots are now gone. I can still cast them normally, but the quickslots have been reset. This bug probably also applies to Shapechange and any other form-changing ability which prevents me from using spells.

This bug is slightly annoying and I'd like it fixed.

This applies to BG1EE and BG2EE.

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