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SCS for BG1

Wow, I just found out how bad I am at this game. Spent the last couple of days working on a playthrough of BG1EE with SCS installed, and Tarnesh managed to kill my Undead Hunter Charname 8 times. I think I'm over 100 reloads so far in Chapter 2 (exploring all the outdoor areas before doing Nashkel Mines). Charname has been wandering around with a weapon he's only proficient in because I've managed to break every single longsword (normal and Fine) that I've found. I'm going back to easy-mode. :P


  • syllogsyllog Member Posts: 158
    Stay on the hard side.
    You just have to think sneaky like.
    It's not a performance. You're not there to stare them down and charge at eachother.
    Use spells crushingly (two character cast overlapping webs simultaneously).
    Backstab cautiously (I put all of Imoen's points into Move Silently; have another monkey do traps) She kills majority of mages before anything can go wrong. Especially effective with boots of speed, dagger of venom, and/or staff of striking.
    Just in general do a lot of scouting and bring enemies down strategically.
    Pre-buffing matters a lot too.

    Oh! And don't forget the party AI in SCS. It's great at not doing stupid things! (like breaking invisibility, stopping turning undead, etc. which makes playing strategically MUCH easier)

    Oh. And always have an out. Potions/Scrolls of invisibility are the first thing I get for my main. You can raise everybody but yourself. So always keep some outs. (There are no invsibility immune teleporting uber demons and liches in this one thank goodness :)

  • AntagonistAntagonist Member Posts: 139
    And I'm just sitting here, dreaming of playing the game with SCS, because I can't get the damn thing even installed. :(

  • syllogsyllog Member Posts: 158
    edited January 2014
  • AntagonistAntagonist Member Posts: 139
    Win7. But at the moment I gave up, because I got a successful install on BG2 and I don't want shatter my nerves further, unless I test it out in SoA. :)

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