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Best way(s) to defeat the final TOB boss with a solo character?

I have been playing BG2EE for a couple weeks as a CN human barbarian. BGEE wasn't hard for me. Most of SOA was not too hard either (not a big fan of mind flayers and their like though). Even both battles with Irenicus were not too bad for me. TOB wasn't a big deal until I reached Draconis and Abazigal. I almost wanted to destroy my computer at that point. I have finally reached Amelyssan and she is definitely the toughest boss yet. Which is expected since she is the final one. I barely got through the first round. I usually use HLA's such as hardiness and GWW (I do not find any of the others useful, ever). Gear I have on or on deck: big metal unit, helm of balduran, gauntlets of extraordinary specialization, amulet of seldarine, ring of gaxx, elves bane, paws of the cheetah (boots of speed), cloak of mirroring, foebane +5, crom faeyr +5, defender of easthaven +3, flail of ages +5, axe of the unyielding +5, mace of disruption +2... I have the book of infinite spells set to true seeing. I have more weapons in my bag of holding as well. Any help would be appreciated. I think advice for any character who can solo would be good too. And advice on picking HLA's :)


  • ryuken87ryuken87 Member Posts: 563
    Defender of Easthaven is probably your best offhand bet, combined with Hardiness you should have very good damage resistance. I'm not sure of the attack type of all the monsters but Roranach's Horn gives another 50% blunt resistance. I think some of the enemies level drain so you'll want a mainhand weapon that grants NPP. If you think you can do without the extra damage resistance then swap out DoE for Belm/Kundane, but I suspect you'll need DoE. If you have a Rod of Resurrection, use this instead of potions to heal as it will give you back max HP.

    If you have any, I would suggest using the items which can give you Improved Haste e.g. Improved Cloak of Protection and Ring of Gaxx although the latter isn't ideal due to short duration. This should raise your attacks to a very respectable level, meaning you can use something else each round instead of GWW.

    I find summoning items very useful as a solo, if not to do damage then at least as a distraction e.g. Vhailor's Helm, Spectral Brand. Ibratha is a great weapon for a solo warrior as it gives you a use of Mirror Image (useful for a single fight).

    With regards to picking HLAs then Hardiness is nearly always your best bet. In the final fights with Melissan and her allies you will probably want at least seven uses. As I said above you can use Improved Haste instead of GWW allowing you to do other things in the round e.g. Critical Strike.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    edited December 2013
    Hardiness should last a long time though if you're solo (i.e. high level) so I don't think you'll need seven.

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