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Tel-anon intercepts my good party with good reputation.

FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 274
I've googled, checked the forums here etc and can't find anything about this issue.

With the party in the attached saves, consisting of a chaotic good thief/mage multi, jaheira and viconia, I get intercepted by Tel-anon when entering the BG bridge map from the ahnkeg map.

The first save shows the issue, the second save is made after entering the BG bridge map and does not seem to exhibit the issue.

The dialog about "your reputation preceeds you, the guards have been alerted" is said by my fairy dragon familiar...

Anyone able to tell what's going on? I'm hoping it's a glitch and not something gamebreaking for my playthrough =D

Mods: I have the "Simple XP Cap remover" (modified .2das) from the mod forum here, and a modded HAPPY.2DA so that viccie won't run off later in the game (also attached to post).


  • EmptinessEmptiness Member Posts: 238
    You'll need to remove all of your installed mods and then try entering the area again. If that corrects the problem then one or more of the mods is the cause (which seems likely to me). You'll then need to figure out which one (or ones, if this is a problem with incompatibility between mods) and post in the appropriate thread in the mods section of the forum.

  • FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 274
    Not sure how these minor mods (4 .2da tables in the override folder only, no WeiDU changes or anything like that) could cause this bug, but I will see if I have time to recreate this situation with the files removed for completeness sake.

  • FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 274
    Unable to reproduce with a new party without the xpcap override, but that's hardly surprising given that it would be nearly impossible to recreate the exact circumstances leading up to that point with my original games.

    For the record, I was also unable to reproduce this on a subsequent (to the original) playthrough with the mods installed either.

    It seems to be something specific to that playthrough, hopefully the savegames can give more info to the devs.

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