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[(BG1) BUG] Resar abilities inconsistent with plot

KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
edited August 2012 in Fixed
Resar (in the Thieves Guild) is intended to be a powerful mage, yet was given no spellcasting abilities.


Added Script MAGE5.BCS to RESAR.CRE
Added the following spells:
Larloch's Minor Drain
Melf's Acid Arrow
Lightning Bolt
Monster Summoning 1
Mirror Image

(Originally found and fixed in EasyTutu)

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  • BalquoBalquo Member, Developer Posts: 2,733
    Not working.
    I see the script is applied but when attacked he still prefers his staff. No spells cast.

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
    It seems that it's an issue with his spell memorization. Should be fixed now in the next version

  • HeroicSpurHeroicSpur Member Posts: 905
    Not working. Resar does not cast spells. He attacks with his staff.

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
    He should be functional in any build post 0615.

  • SethDavisSethDavis Member Posts: 1,812
    @KeithS - When fighting Resar he used Horror, Two Acid Arrows and then switched to his staff. Is this expected or should he be using his other spells?

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
    edited July 2012
    @SethDavid He probably should be using more of his spells, yes.

  • WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
    I was going to report this along with some other stuff, but since it has come up I'll do it now.

    Resar's file structure is off. Specifically, he has 3 level 1 spells memorised, but they are unreferenced by the memorisation table (unused bytes).

    He's also got SPWI002 (TRAP_LIGHTNING_BOLT) memorised, but his script tries to cast SPWI308 (WIZARD_LIGHTNING_BOLT). Additionally (and off-hand I don't know if this really matters), both Lightning Bolt and Monster Summoning I are memorised as level 2 spells, even though they are level 3.

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
    edited July 2012
    Okie, I think I've fixed the memorization table so that it's working properly now. Tried it out and he seems to be casting all of his spells.

    @Wisp Excellent catch on SPWI002. I was completely missing that one.

    Fixed in v0630+

  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    This was not easy to debug.. but I got it! Everything looked correct on him, scripts looked good, memorization, etc. So it was the last thing I checked. Spell Level 0 listed zero spells memorized and also re-ordered the spells memorized and it works now with mage5.bcs

    Now he casts his whole arsenal before resorting to the staff... if he lives that long.

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
    @Cuv Agreed, this bug was a huge pain in the butt.

  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    edited July 2012
    @KeithS LOL, yes. So you already got it and I didnt need to pull my hair out? Heh

    btw: you really seem to be cranking through the fixes!!! Don't they give you a break?

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    edited July 2012
    Confirmed Not Fixed:

    Before resorting to a quarterstaff, he cast Summon I (gibberling, wild dog, meh), Lightning Bolt, Horror, Melf's Acid Arrow (twice), Larlock's Minor Drain (twice). This is consistent with the spells allotted above... but he never cast Mirror Image. Hard to see a good reason for a mage not resorting to it, but ok, he didn't want to just be a typical mage... and made a gibberling instead. :-)

    1. Replace Monster Summon 1. Resar is located in BG City, Chap 5. By that point gibberlings and wild dogs are a mild nuisance.
    2. Replace Lightning Bolt (which has the tendency to ricochet to the caster's doom in enclosed places like the small room Resar shares with Alatos).
    3. Get that Mirror Image cast.
    4. Add more spells...

    Remember that he's worth 4000XP and apparently has traveled from some great distance as a special guest of the Thieves' Guild. (Think the Russian guy in "Chinese Connection.") He should be more formidable than a few pre-Davaeorn spells. Mind you, Davaeorn is an 11th level mage. Resar is 9th level. By the TotSC Game Manual (actually have one, yep) this should mean:

    Spells/level: #Spells does have Possible Spells:
    Level 1: 4 2 (same one) Magic Missile, Sleep, Blindness, Charm Person, Color Spray, Chromatic Orb
    Level 2: 3 3 (Same as he has- Horror, Melf's Acid Arrow, Mirror Image), Agannazar's Scorcher
    Level 3: 3 2 (Monster Summon I, Lightning Bolt), Haste, Hold Person, Flame Arrow, Ghost Armor
    Level 4: 2 0 Confusion, Emotion, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Monster Summoning II
    Level 5: 1 0 Chaos, Animate Dead, Feeblemind, Domination, Monster Summoning III
    So that spell list he's been given is lacking somewhat. This guy is supposed to be a major contender, but he's nothin' but a bum. Let's face it, Charley. He coulda been somebody. Why ya makin' 'im throw the fight, Charley?

  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    edited July 2012
    @Bhryaen He will need a much better script than Mage5.bcs then. So he should have 2 4th level spells and 1 5th level eh? Will look and see if there is an existing one that will suffice, if not... will make one. He also carries that Wand of Paralyzation! Should he use that you think?

    Edit: If he gets a level 5 spell, he could also have a contingency spell up and ready! I would have something like Stoneskin personally.

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
    @Bhyraen Good points. I've added buffing Resar to my to do list.

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
    edited July 2012
    I've adjusted Resar to be more in line with the current suggestions. He now has:

    Larloch's Minor Drain x2
    Magic Missile x2
    Mirror Image x1
    Horror x1
    Melf's Acid Arrow x1
    Flame Arrow x1
    Haste x1
    Hold Person x1
    Confusion x1
    Minor Globe of Invulnerability x1
    Monster Summoning III x1

    As well, I've given him a Adventurer's Robe and a script that uses said spells. You guys will have to let me know if this is more balanced than before.

  • NathanNathan Member Posts: 990
    Verified the changes made - while the fight difficulty is subjective, he has the items Keith mentioned and he seems to be casting the necessary spells. This should be in the next build.

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    edited July 2012
    Well, the guy has 'invalid spell memorisation count' now. Guess, this won't crash anything.
    The problem as shown in IELISTER:

    03b0h Page #11
    03b0h Spell level 0003
    03b2h Base number 0005
    03b4h Actual number 0005
    03b6h Spell type 0001
    03b8h Spell index 00000000
    03bch Spell count 00000005

    Writing a fat zero on 03bch would fix it. (The guy shouldn't have any 4th level spells)

    Or, if you intended to add spells on level 4, then that failed. (ok, this might have been fixed in the build we don't yet see)

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    Hmm, guy looks like have its spells sorted out! DLTCEP doesn't complain.
    Confirmed fixed.

  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Confirmed Fixed.

    If he can get the 10 sec to cast his Mirror Image, Haste, and Shield, he's got quite the assortment, and he now casts nearly all his spells before resorting to quarterstaffing. He seemed to leave just the one Fear spell in reserve for some reason, usually casting it after coming to quarterstaff in melee. After I CTRL+Q'd him and voila- not a spell on him. :-)

  • KeithSKeithS Member Posts: 623
    @Bhryaen Heh, I set him up to cast Horror when characters get within 10' (I believe) because it's a quick cast that could potentially save him from a bad case of knife poisoning.

    One question, would people prefer that he instantly gets his defensive spells (such as mirror image) or is the current implementation sufficient.

  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    For sure it helps make it more challenging, but as it was, sometimes he'd do it instantly, sometimes after a full 1-2 sec. Maybe a matter of initiative? I liked it as is though, just wish he came with more backup because mages at close range don't have lots of chance. I'd say you did a great job and that anyone expecting him to do his usual BG1 quarterstaff behavior is in for a surprise. :-)

  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    KeithS said:

    One question, would people prefer that he instantly gets his defensive spells (such as mirror image) or is the current implementation sufficient.

    I agree with @Bhryaen, looks fine. Only really big bosses should have 'contingencies' or pre-buffs in BG1, there is already enough of that going on when you get to BG2 imho

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    I agree, no need to make these uber tough. The current AI is excellent.

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