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Staying Lawful Good

Was thinking of starting a second game eventually as either a Paladin or Sun Soul Monk but how hard is it to stay LG in the game? Can you keep Viconia this way (she's the better cleric I've found as Aerie has terrible hp).


  • enqenqenqenq Member Posts: 497
    You mean RP-wise or mechanics-wise? Your alignment will only change if you make evil choices in hell. But if you want to RP an uncompromising LG character you're not gonna get past chapter 2 :)

  • MitchforkMitchfork Member Posts: 390
    Keeping your alignment isn't a problem. There's only one part in the entire series where it can change and it's pretty hard to trigger it on accident. Your reputation is also pretty easy to keep from getting too low, just don't do any obviously evil things and you'll be fine. I think that a Paladin can go as low as 6 reputation without becoming fallen, and I'm not sure if Sun Soul Monks can fall.

    Keeping Viconia might be a bit tricky since you will have to manage your reputation in order to keep her around- she'll leave if you hit 19 or 20 rep. Even an evil party can hit this quite easily. If you get dangerously high you might have to do something evil (killing an unnamed peasant works) to get back in the 10-12 range.

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,680
    enqenq said:

    You mean RP-wise or mechanics-wise? Your alignment will only change if you make evil choices in hell. But if you want to RP an uncompromising LG character you're not gonna get past chapter 2 :)

    You can in fact, lawful good isn't lawful stupid. Keldorn give sight of this when he make comments in the shadow thieves that he will tolerate that evil for now but will be back in full force later with the radiant hearth to destroy them.

  • enqenqenqenq Member Posts: 497
    That's why I had uncompromising in there. Uncompromising LG = LS to me.

  • KastionKastion Member Posts: 44
    Ok so except in hell, no matter what you do if it's not destroying your reputation then you cannot fall in either?

    So you could kill an innocent, give money to up you rep, and do it as much as you want with no issue? As well as comments you make when talking to NPC not matter against it? If so, good. I hate the game trying to tell me what L/G is (everyone has a different viewpoint). Plus I liked 4th edition getting rid of the alignment restrictions on paladins anyway. I like holy warriors.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    edited January 2014
    I had a similar discussion on this topic on a different thread... Copy-Paste time.

    "I could make Aerie, one of the most altruistic characters in the game, commit utterly despicable acts, and retain her in the party by bribing churches, but I don't, because I recognise that it's 'bad design', which is partly implemented to give players a chance to play a bit more of a nuanced alignment, without worrying about suddenly having half the party turn on him for a petty theft.

    But I recognise that Aerie would not actually do anything like murder a random child, and being able to do so mechanically does not reflect on her personality. Same applies to Keldorn. The Devs clearly implemented a few 'key decision points' in the game where a clear moral decision does make a decisive difference to your relationship with the NPC. Refusing to help Minsc rescue Dyanheir is one of them,
    attacking Drizzt in Keldorn's company is another.

    So basically don't take too serious 'what the game tells you about LG, or any alignment.' I am a roleplay-driven player. My main Charname is Lawful Neutral, strongly leaning towards Good, so much so that I thought I might as well change it back to Lawful Good with Shadowkeeper. However, one of the viewers of my LP clearly thought my Charname did not even come close to living up to what he'd regard as 'Lawful Good'. So there is a lot of subjective opinion on the matter, depending on your own moral compass and beliefs.

  • MitchforkMitchfork Member Posts: 390
    Well, you do need to keep your reputation at 6 or above (for Paladins anyway). If it ever drops below that you fall, and it's permanent, even if you raise your reputation immediately after. If your reputation is high enough then you can survive killing an innocent (should drop you to 8-10 rep depending on where you were).

    But yeah, in general, you can pretty much ignore your alignment when making story decisions.

  • KastionKastion Member Posts: 44
    Fantastic and thank you everyone for the comments. It's good to know and helps me solidify my plans going forward after my Blade Playthrough.

  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511
    I think that if you romance Viconia then she will stay even if you have 20 rep.

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,680
    This will happen in all the romances of the game @Fardragon, but you need to be in the level 2 of the romance, otherwise the NPC still leave the party at 19/20 or 2/1 reputation.

  • KastionKastion Member Posts: 44
    I generally always go for Viconia but it really doesn't have anything to do with her being a drow or that she's evil since I don't like evil. It's some stupid weird "I can save her" mentality. She's not a bad person even though she can be but her stories tell a story of someone who just never got a break in life because of who she was born.

    I know she's just code and it's on a script but I can't help but always want to save her and show her the entire world doesn't suck ...

    This time I'm trying Jaheira though so I guess life's going to suck for her after all T_T

  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    Mazzy, I'm gonna need you to romance Korgan so we can do more good deeds without him leaving...

  • KastionKastion Member Posts: 44
    nano said:

    Mazzy, I'm gonna need you to romance Korgan so we can do more good deeds without him leaving...

    That's a very rough hit "for the team" there ...

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