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Blinking and Flickering Menus OSX Mavericks/Mac Mini

Jdogg44Jdogg44 Member Posts: 2
edited January 2014 in Mac OS X (Archive)

I am experiencing blinking and flickering menus and around most text in the game. I have tried to disable the "Mouse Hardware Support" but that does not work. It DOES stop flickering in windowed mode, but I would rather play fullscreen.***

Mac Mini (late 2012)
Intel graphics HD 4000
Have it hooked up to my monitor via HDMI

It is very strenuous on the eyes, and I was hoping someone had a fix.

*** I saw on another forum that someone recommended starting in windowed, and switching to fullscreen, but that does not work either.

Thanks for your help!

I fixed the issue by dialing back my resolution from 1080p to 1600x900. Not ideal, but it did solve the issue.

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