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BUG - People stuck in same space

I returned to my mage stronghold to find two apprentices stuck in the same space.

This "entity" responds and registers as Nara, but she's overlapping on top of Morul. The problem is that I need to speak with Morul in order to advance the stronghold quests.

So far I've found 2 options for "un-linking" them, both of which results in Nara eventually turning hostile:
1. Charm Nara and order her to move away.
2. Use Ring of the Ram on Nara, knocking her away from Morul.

It would fix my problem if there was a way to remove hostile conditions, but I know of no such way.
(That would also solve another bug with a random hostile peasant stalking the slums, but I digress.)

I considered if Teleport Field would work, but can find no shop that sells it in Chapter 2.
Another consideration is to Charm Nara and send her to another room (without dinner), hoping I won't have to speak with her in future quests.
I'm way past the point of loading back to pre-apprenticeship, and I'd rather not mess around with consoles or out-of-game solutions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - can you force people back without turning them hostile, or remove hostile conditions?

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