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First time playthrough, can't decide on a class.

So this will be my first ever playthrough of any Baldur's Gate game. I've played NWN back in the day and I tried Icewind Dale for like a couple days forever ago lol. Anyway my question...I can't for the life of me decide what kind of character I want, I did narrow it down though between a Druid (Totemic or Avenger not sure) or a Bard (Skald or Jester) from what I've read both classes are not really the favorites but that doesn't matter to me I've always loved Bards and Druids in other games I've played. Anyway what does everyone recommend like story wise? (This character will go from BGEE to BG2EE too btw) Like would there be any real difference? Or what party members would you suggest to take to get the most interesting story..or banter? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D


  • abacusabacus Member Posts: 1,308
    I love Bards... Blades in particular. Some spells, and the ability to chew things up with swords to boot. (Bards also make a lot of sense as main character, as you basically grow up in a fortified library!)

    That said, both Bards & Druids will probably give you a tricky time early doors... The early game can be really difficult.
    Probably the easiest first run would be with a warrior class (fighter, ranger or paladin)...

    In terms of getting the most from a first run, talk to everyone and take whatever help they offer! There is a "canon" party that broadly runs through both games, but I'd be reluctant to spoil it for you.
    One note: you'll probably get the most from the story if you play good or neutral alignment.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    I've never played a Bard before, not even as an NPC, but I've been playing a MP player game with a few forumites, and our party bard (Jester) @Liberelli, despite medicore ability stats (we all chose 'realistic' rather than powergamey stats), has really impressed me.

    His confusion-inducing warcry is really effective thus far, he can hold his own in a melee, he can pick-pocket, he can shoot and he can use wands and scrolls. Oh and his charisma makes party shopping much cheaper. Probably the most effective member of the party so far.

    NPC-wise, for a first playthrough, I do recommend the canon party, it ties up the story better in my opinion. This game is good enough to be worth multiple playthroughs, u can always try different themes and experience different stories with a new playthrough. Oh, and I do recommend that you avoid walkthroughs to avoid spoilers. You've played D&D inspired games before, you should master it much quicker than I did!

  • abacusabacus Member Posts: 1,308
    This is a taste thing, but one of my favourite things about RPGs is leveling up... Bards (and Thieves) level quicker than other classes; this means you get more opportunities to tweak your choices through trial & error.

    Oh, and you should **SAVE OFTEN**, in case I didn't mention it... Lots of separate saves, at least one 'hard'/named save every chapter.

    Oh and make sure one of your melee bodies has a pip in either daggers or bastard swords... Just one pip... Somewhere... Trust me :)

  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    The bard is great, even with mediocre stats as mentioned before. Not so sure that a jester is so great in the long run though, as when you reach TOB (or thereabouts) you can switch your song for a powerful version of a normal bard's song, cant upgrade your own unfortunately. So maybe a skald or normal bard would make it easier for consistency.
    But by then you'll be able to use pretty much anything, and have a point in every weapon... jack of all trades, master of none, as they say :P
    There's surely more powerful classes, but bards are great fun, so definately worth a playthrough.

  • SaraynSarayn Member Posts: 5
    Ok hmm. With all that said I think I may know what I wanna do maybe lol. So I think I may go for two playthroughs, the first as a Female neutral good skald (or jester haven't figured which yet) with the canon party and in bg2ee with mostly good companions. Although i kinda wanted to romance rasaad...should i replace him with someone or can i do his quests and romance in bgee without him being a full time party member?

    The second playthroughI was thinking of kind of an evil party playthrough but I would be a male Druid (avenger or totemic dunno yet) with like evil npcs like dorn viconia and such....although I'd bring Neera along too so he can romance her. Then in bg2ee I'd stay with the evil peoples and Neers :) I hope this way i can experience new stuff in each playthrough :)

  • abacusabacus Member Posts: 1,308
    Just an FYI, Druids can't be classed as evil... Although you can of course still play them that way. Avenger would probably fit best as they essentially hate anything that isn't a tree!

  • SaraynSarayn Member Posts: 5
    Yeah I know he'll be neutral, I mean like do evil choices and evil party members :)

  • kaffekoppenkaffekoppen Member Posts: 377
    If you are going for a bard, I really think the Blade is the best of them.

  • SaraynSarayn Member Posts: 5
    Well I kind of like the idea of my Bard mostly just using Songs and a spell here or there. I like support type characters or debuffers, not the biggest fan of ones actually all up in there during the fight.

  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    If you're new to Baldur's Gate then I'd recommend some sort of fighter/ranger/paladin or fighter multiclass for your first character. They may not be the most interesting but they have early survivability which can make a big difference as you learn the rules. Once you're familiar with the early parts of the game and how to handle various classes then the world is your oyster.

    An unkitted Ranger isn't the strongest class but has a good selection of skills - stealth and a bit of casting in addition to being able to wear heavy armour and hit hard. Playing one is a decent way to get familiar with a number of game mechanics.

    Paladin kits are pretty good as well, with Inquisitor being great against Mages and Cavaliers are very user-friendly for new players (they're immune to lots of nasty effects).

    Fighter/Cleric, Flighter/Mage or Fighter/Thief multiclasses all give you some melee power and resilience with a bit extra. All of them have the potential to be very powerful and are pretty easy to use as well.

    If you do decide to start playing as a bard:
    1) Use wands often, they'll save your skin a lot.
    2) Have a ranged weapon to start with. a couple of melee hits will ruin your day at low levels.
    3) Consider bringing Dorn along. His personal quest will lead you to the best armour for Bards in the game.

    Good luck.

  • abacusabacus Member Posts: 1,308
  • SaraynSarayn Member Posts: 5
    Hmm well I was looking around at mods and such when I was at work because I was bored and found one that I suppose a lot of people recommend. What do you guys think about a first time player adding the Rogue Rebalancing mod for the upgrades to the Bard and such? I was reading it and other then upgrades to Bards/Thieves I dont think itll really impact the story or whatnot. Any thoughts?

  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
    except for final battle I have completed a run with an Avenger now. Absolutely viable if you play him as a summoner - own damage is pretty low and to be perfectly honest I could proabably played a plain druid as well. OK, I used some of the spells from time to time (mostly chromatic orb) but probabl <5% of my spells cast were avenger spells. Shapeshifting I used very early in BG2 but it quickly becomes obsolete, especially since the sword spider form is bugged for and doesn't get immunity to web as it should. But overall it was fun and the druid spells rock.

    As for bard: I would recommend that you look at the blade instead of Skald and Jester. Skald's main bonus is the boost song but that will lead to a very very passive play with your main character since in effect you will just be standing around doing nothing but sing. Jester is probably really good in BG1 but in BG2 you can get 2 instruments early on that do confusion 3x/day each. You might feel quite disappointed to get your special power through magic item and since they have duration you don't even have to keep playing to keep the effect up!

    As for NPCs - take Jan and Minsc, both are really really funny and pretty strong characters. Can't go wrong with them. ;)

  • kryptixkryptix Member Posts: 741
    I would say that if you are a first time player and not familiar with the rules, go with an Archer or a Paladin of some sort. Not the most entertaining to play but you won't get destroyed as easily (I guess you can set the difficulty all the way down but I always play these types of games on their highest settings from the get go).

    If you want to powergame a little, fighter/illusionist as a gnome is probably the best of the powergame classes for a beginner. Ranger/Cleric is probably second.

    Bards are hard in that you have to rely on your team to do most of the killing unless you are a blade, otherwise you have to use a bunch of their abilities to turn them into a weak fighter.

    Druids don't really come into their own until the end of BG2:SOA, until then they are basically good for summoning stuff and hiding in a corner with a sling :) Fighter/Druid is OK, but then you don't really get powerful until TOB. Ranger/Cleric is probably the best "druid" because you get all of the druid spells while still getting all of a ranger's fighting ability.

  • WigmonsterWigmonster Member Posts: 38
    Try a Barbarian, I played them on Dragon Age Origins. Play as 1/2 Orc You can exceed the 18/00 limit on start up and they have high hit points

    Just a thought


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