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Solo monk doubts

Hello guys, I'm planning on doing a solo monk run (my first solo ever) and I have a doubt. I started it yesterday and read somewhere that monks can use wands as the final ToB patch, but I can't use it on my monk. Is there any mistake in this information or BG2:EE is not up-to-date with official patches?

Thanks in advance!


  • styggastygga Member Posts: 467
    It may be an intelligence issue. Most wands have a certain intelligence you need to have if you want to use them outside of the class restriction. What is your intelligence currently at?
  • cersozecersoze Member Posts: 9
    Currently at 16, but in the Cloudkill wand says that its not usable by monks :(
  • VakarianVakarian Member Posts: 94
    I think that monks can use the same wands as clerics. So you can use things like wand of the heavens, horror, and a few others, but not mage/sorcerer/bard-only wands like cloudkill or fireball. Interestingly, it seems that monks can use cleric scrolls as well (though they are kind of rare).
  • cognoscentuscognoscentus Member Posts: 65
    AFAIK, monks can use wand of the heavens and divine scrolls with X+ intelligence, but not mage wands/scrolls.
  • cersozecersoze Member Posts: 9
    I've read somewhere (can't remember where) that monks could use wand of cloudkill...I'll search the source and share here...but probably it's outdated or else someone here would have this information.

    PS: Read it on a solo monk guide...
  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
    You don't really need wands. I started a solo monk and made it to level 19 (still in chapter 2) without a major hitch. I just didn't go out at night because of level drains from the vampires, stocking up on protection from undead scrolls for the lair raid etc.

    Game is currently on hold since I'm waiting for the ipad release for my solos but I easily managed all fights where a wand would make a major difference.
  • cersozecersoze Member Posts: 9
    I love cloudkill :(
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,305
    Looks like it was a fixpack change (not being able to use a wand of cloudkill)
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