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Quests that offer reputation loss?

I'm playing a chaotic neutral bard, one who isn't really evil, but rather vain and self obsessed, the kind with a silver tongue, though I surround myself with fairly evil characters (Dorn, Viconia, Shar-Teel) but I often do quests that offer good XP or material rewards, unfortunately many of these are boosting up my reputation. I'm sitting at 12 right now, far from a danger zone, but as I progress this may become more of an issue. Outside of doing things like murder and getting caught stealing, I already have Dorn and Vicona, so my best bet is quests, I know some offer reputation loss, but I don't have any comprehensive list of which ones. The only one I know about is lying to the bounty collector but I didn't want to screw myself out of his further quests so I was honest.

So can you kind people tell me which quests in BG:EE I can do that offer negative reputation points? Preferably without screwing yourself out of a more tangible reward?



  • MitchforkMitchfork Member Posts: 390
    If you demand payment from the adventurer that you free from stone on the Mutamin's Garden map, I think your reputation will decrease a bit.

    The only other one I know of is the quest on the Archeological Site map, where you're dealing with the Idol of Kozah. You can finish the quest in a very evil way that results in a rep loss equivalent to killing an innocent, or a less evil way that decreases it by 2. Obviously you can finish it the good way as well for a bonus.

  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    If you choose not to inform the miners before flooding the Cloakwood mine you incur a mere 2 rep loss.

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    edited January 2014
    There's a minor quest in baldur's gate (N area).
    Outside a house south of the ducal palace, you can find a girl worried for her cat.
    In the house her uncle asks you to kill the damn cat. If you do so you'll lose 1 rep.

  • victory_rosevictory_rose Member Posts: 72
    I usually play in a way that welcomes reputation increase - can't really do evil, but if you're selfish and demand payment every time, doesn't that preclude reputation increase? I know it's not a decrease, but maybe a way to slow or avoid increase.

  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
    pick up the family amulet in the map above nashkell (where the hobgoblins attack) return it to the house next to firebead's (just north of it) and be evil and demand payment for it

  • styggastygga Member Posts: 467
    If you return Driennes dead cat (in the map with the dryad and Krumm trying to kill the tree) with a low charisma score she will blame you for killing her cat and you will lose a point of reputation.

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    Even better: Kill the damn dryad
    1. You lose a good deal of reputation (like 6 or something)
    2. It's not really evil, because what kind of a creep wants to kill two mentally handicapped rednecks for cutting down one tree in a forest? You know, one of those areas that are filled with... trees. As far as I can tell, its the right thing to do ;p

  • Aozgolo108Aozgolo108 Member Posts: 77
    Thank you for all the great suggestions guys, I'd rather not go the psycho method of just murdering some random person, plus I really don't want to go so low that I gotta deal with Flaming Fist mercenaries all the damn time.

    I usually play in a way that welcomes reputation increase - can't really do evil, but if you're selfish and demand payment every time, doesn't that preclude reputation increase? I know it's not a decrease, but maybe a way to slow or avoid increase.

    This option is only available in some scenarios, there are some quests, specifically bounty related ones that tend to give you reputation increases without an option, probably because there was already a tangible reward offered, plus reputation is more how others' see you and has little to do with personal motive, so while I probably did just kill this criminal to collect the gold on his head, others see me as a champion who served him just dues.

  • TheZodiakTheZodiak Member Posts: 33
    To get very fast reputation loss:

    - Help Silke (Beregost)
    - Pick up Dorn
    - Flood the mines
    - Stone to flesh the woman east of temple area. Say you want a reward. Get a free house in Beregost and lose some reputation.
    - Kill a dryad protecting a tree. Well i would consider to kill all of these druids. They are really... hmm ... annoying.
    - Kill a paladin (one of the areas near gnoll stronghold)
    - Sell the captured nynph in Baldurs Gate...

    Well when you reach that point you lose your points by fighting the flaming fist i guess :p

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