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HP Help, What Should My HP Be?

I have a Stalker and a Cleric of Lathander, and it seems that both of their HP's are off, i want them to have "max hp per level up" knowing that, what should their HP be? I have no idea how to calculate it, and the certain things i have read, were not very helpful...Anyways

Cleric/Human LVL 7, CON: 19 (from tome in BG1) Health being shown: 64
Stalker/Human LVL 7, CON: 19 (Same tome) Health being shown: 81

are these correct levels? If not what are they? and how can i calculate this easily in the future?

As a side note, I want to play on Core Rules, but i want Max HP on lvl up, do you get that? or is there a mod than can help with that?


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