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Questions about triggering Character Quests (BG1)

Forgive me. I'm sure none of these questions are new, but I'm not finding the answers I need by searching.

Question #1.

I had Dorn in my party. I did the early portion of his quest, but didn't finish it because I didn't have access to the city of Baldur's Gate yet. Later I removed Dorn from my party (my reputation was about to become too high and I didn't want to lose him).

Now that I have access to the city of Baldur's Gate, I've picked up Dorn again, but the quest isn't triggering. Is this because I removed him? Is it a bug? Or am I just not walking in the right spot? Did I need to have Dorn in my party the first time I crossed the bridge for it to work (he was with me the first time I visited the area, and it triggered dialogue, but that was long before I crossed and I've crossed since then)?

Question #2.

Never picked up Rasaad, but now that I have access to the city, I'd like to pick him up and run him through his quest. I understand that I will need to keep him in my party long enough for some dialogues to trigger, but my bigger worry is that I've already been to [Quest Location Area in BG]. If I go back there with him, will the quest properly trigger? Or does he have to be with you the first time you visit that area? I just want to avoid walking around with him for a couple weeks if his quest isn't going to trigger.


  • victory_rosevictory_rose Member Posts: 72
    I have no first knowledge of the Dorn problem but heard that you have to enter the bridge area from the farm area with Dorn in your party, i.e. you can't enter the bridge area directly from the Friendly Arm Inn (where I'm assuming you picked Dorn up again). Can't guarantee that that does the trick.

    My first run through the EE I only picked up Rasaad late in the game, and my experience was that his quest seemed to run pretty smoothly and fairly quickly. Not sure what you mean by "[Quest Location Area in BG]". If you mean the docks area, I had been through there a number of times and the first time I went there with Rasaad (at which time I had totally forgotten that that was where his quest started), it triggered without hitch.

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,345
    Both Dorn's and Rasaad's quest should trigger properly in my experience, provided you got that far in their questlines before dropping them.

  • elementelement Member Posts: 833
    edited January 2014
    I am no expert but I believe

    that dorns quest occurs only at night at the north end of the bridge and shouldn't be effected by him leaving the party

    Rasaads quest should be unaffected your situation as I was in your situation when I did it

  • MuppetLoversMuppetLovers Member Posts: 6
    @element Dorn's quest works perfectly fine in the daylight; I've only done it during the day & never at night. Just so you'll know.

  • elementelement Member Posts: 833

    @element Dorn's quest works perfectly fine in the daylight; I've only done it during the day & never at night. Just so you'll know.

    oh realy that's interesting he didn't spawn for me at first I wonder why that was then

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