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How To Use A Mage/Sorc Effectively



  • fighter_mage_thieffighter_mage_thief Member Posts: 262
    The most effective use of the mage is to look totally badass with a snazzy robe and a walking stick.

  • Demonoid_LimewireDemonoid_Limewire Member Posts: 424
    edited February 2014
    Arcane casters, huh? Best bets are: Wild mage, Fighter Mage, Thief Mage.

    Wild mage in original game, could do a trick to eliminate wild surges entirely, turning him into a crazy overpowered beast (chain contigency 3x greater chaos shield). And no use even mentioning that little wonder, NRD, even using it to recycle the limited wish to reach infinite spellcasting...

    Figter Mage is still considered to be a top dog, not only for Mage combo, but possibly and arguably for ALL classes and combo classes in existence! Produces the best simulacrums, performs the touch type spells best than ANY other character, can wear ANY item (especially if he is dualled from Berserker), can reach grandmastery, is fearsome to melee (especially when properly self-buffed) and the thing is broken, cheesy and beyond words to express how well it performs. Some prefer multi, others dual. Dual at 13 from berserker is ideal, or from kensai. You cannot go wrong with either, despite the fact you loose fighter HLAs.

    Thief Mage is interesting. Any item is cheese. Backstab is cheese. Backstab with Staff of the Ram is THE cheese... Assassin mage can poison his projectile spells, like Melf's minute meteors and energy blades. Swashbuckler mage can dual wield katana and scimitar, specialize in both and wreak havoc, making him something like a fighter mage thief practically, minus backstab, some hitpoints and grandmastery. Bounty hunter mage is also good, a deadly trap setting mage is nothing to scoff at. Dualling from 15, especially swashbuckler, if you can afford it, is a nice idea; you also get enough points for thieving skills.

    In any case, if this is your main caster, you need 18 wisdom. Those wish spells... They can practically rest you and your party without... resting! Or the limited wish, restore your spells... There are some cheesy tactics about exploiting all these, in order for your main caster to achieve infinite spellcasting without resting at all!

    Fighter/Thief mage can melee well. Especially if Berserker, he can also become immune to most, if not all, commonly used, enemy cheese tactics, even the highest level ones. Also, abusing simulacrum, casting planetar, lesser restore from planetar to each and every one of your simulacrums, then proceed to cast all memorized summons, you get 5 planetars and a small band of monsters, at your command! This technique can beat anything in game! At least in the originals, it could. Even bosses like Demogorgon and the dragons cannot endure over half a minute against this. With arcane, which is so much broken, cheesy and overpowered, you cannot go wrong even if you wanted to! Just consider the (really many) options, pick up the one it suits you or sparkles your fancy, and wreak havoc! Hell, you can easily go solo too!

  • karnor00karnor00 Member Posts: 680
    Heindrich said:

    @GeeBaws @booinyoureyes
    Wow I gotta try out Keldorn more it seems.

    So Dispel works against any protections, assuming u can win the spell level battle?

    Spell Trap will stop it (the dispel will only remove the spell trap), but I don't think any of the casters in the unmodded game use Spell Trap.

    The other way of stopping dispel magic is by using Spell Immunity: Abjuration I'm certain none of the casters in the unmodded game use this.

    Which means that in an unmodded game nothing can stop Keldorn from removing all enemy spell protections. Occasionally enemy casters may have a low health contingency which triggers another protection, but even when this happens, a second dispel will remove that final protection.

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    Basically Keldorn beats magic 10 times out of 10. It is an entirely different game with him in the party than without. I had him in my first 2 playthroughs and I never used Breach once in my life, and never needed it. Now I can't live without it.
    He's that much of a difference maker for me.

  • ZaknafeinBaenreZaknafeinBaenre Member Posts: 348
    I refuse to use Keldorn because he's so overpowered. Not only does he destroy magic protections but he's got like an infinite number of true sights....

  • elementelement Member Posts: 833
    Keldorns place is with his family so I don't get to take advantage of his skillset so much as I would like

    I pretty much don't use damage spells in bg with the exception of a few horrid wilting's or dragons breaths late game. I generally favour spells that control the enemy to some degree or kill outright

  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    I mostly agree with @element - mages are more buffers and disablers than damage dealers with a few exceptions.

    Magic missile barrages can be useful to disrupt casting or chip a few HP off a tough opponent, Melf's Acid Arrow does a good job of spell disrupting as well. On clerics, Holy Smite is another useful spell that levels surprisingly well into a mini-Abi Dalzim's.

  • ZaknafeinBaenreZaknafeinBaenre Member Posts: 348
    I still say death magic is the way to go. Nothing like watching a fully healthy enemy instantly fall into a pile of dust.

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