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multi class leveling dynamics

Greetings all, I recently started playing BGEE and I came across something... odd.

I'm a multi thief mage. Thieves need 1250 to level and mages need 2500.
In theory, when I level mage once, and thief twice, that should give me 3 levels worth of HP, but the game is treating that duel level as a single level, gyping me on hit points (I'm playing on normal, under core so upon level hit points are maxed). I'm getting the theif skills, and the mage spells though.

Have I simply misinterpreted the leveling mechanics?


And one more question I'm not able to answer by charts and dice rolls (yet :p ). When a high level mage levels, the charts top out at 5 spells. Is that 5 (lvl.1) spells max, or per level?


  • MitchforkMitchfork Member Posts: 390
    If you're a two-class multiclass, you get half of the class HP when you level up. So for example- as a Thief/Mage you'd start out at 5 HP (0.5x4 for the Mage and 0.5x6 for the Thief). If you levelled up twice as a Thief and once as a Mage (and maxed your HP rolls) you'd get 8 additional HP (.05x6x2 for the two Thief levels and 0.5x4 for the Mage level). You also get half of your constitution bonus each level-up, so you could have anywhere between 18 HP (16+ CON) or 11 HP (6- CON)... assuming I did the math right, of course.

    Baldur's Gate does cap out non-specialist Mages at 5 spells for each spell level maximum. Further level-ups won't increase the number of spells you get for that level.

  • avocadoavocado Member Posts: 24
    Ah, I thought it was half and half per level. It would make sense if it's half per their specific class level too.
    Thanks for the information :)

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