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[DUPE #7267] Saemon Havarian bug Spellhold Island

DraconusDraconus Member Posts: 24
edited January 2014 in Not An Issue
Having stolen the horn for Caiya's house, I then return to Havarian in the Vulgar Monkey Inn and tell him I have the horn. The screen fades and is supposed to bring you and Havarian to the Pirate Lord's ship where a conversation with Desharik starts. However, in this playthrough of mine the screen just returns to my party and Havarian still standing in the Vulgar Monkey, the conversation with Desharik starts despite Desharik not actually being there.

I have tried reloads and also tried going to the Pirate Lords ship after the above where Havarian is then standing and he just asks you if you have the horn, which I obviously don't because I've just given it to him moments before in the Vulgar Monkey.

Anybody know whats going on here? I can upload a saved game if it will help.

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