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Recovery of Key - App Store Purchase


I recently have discovered a problem with the BG:EE game I purchased ~1 year ago on the App Store. Shortly after the game was released and I had purchased & downloaded it, it was removed from the store due to some legal difficulties (as I understand). During that time, my computer was re-formatted for work, and when I restored the hard-drive using time machine, I could no longer run BG:EE. No problem, I thought, I'll just re-download it. But it wasn't availible on the App Store. I forgot about it for a while, but just recently thought 'Hey, I'll play some BG', and went to the App Store to re-download my purchase. However, the app is not recognized in my iTunes account as having been purchased, since it was removed from the app store then re-established (I suspect). This is a problem, because while I have all the game files on my computer (including my old saves), I can't play them.


Thanks in advance, loved the game when I was playing it btw.


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