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Apple Mac Store Patch Update for BG:EE 2

Robotrek1000Robotrek1000 Member Posts: 8
edited January 2014 in Mac OS X (Archive)
When it's gone to be an update for Mac store version. Current version is 1.2.0. I'm eager to play an updated version. For how long app store buyers have to wait? Is there're some kind of problem with patch update on app store?
Please, Developers - can you answer these questions?


  • riyahhassettriyahhassett Member Posts: 59
    I would like to know as well. Its kinda crazy that the iPad is 2 patches head of my Mac!
  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
    That was the main reason why I bought directly from Beamdog and never regretted it. I understand the frustration though.
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