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[Double Dragon] Monks Coop Playthrough ToB (spoilers)

Hello folks!

Are monks overpowered in ToB? Magic Resistance plus loads of hits (fists) per round will be challenged in this Playthrough!

We put ourselves into the shoes of two monks: Sun Beam Monk "Umiryoku" and Dark Moon Monk "Moon-Dance" who will look at each others back and travel as a Duo through last part of the trilogy: Throne of Bhaal.
The characters are new created and they are equipped with no items so far. There should be some challenge e.g. since we have no protection against undeads. In this Thread I will post the playthrough status of our run.

Chapter 8 (spoilers)

We arrive at Saradush and our first tough encounter: Vampires. There were two protection of undead scrolls but I know that we will need them later. So we just plain fight them and went back to Cleric in town in order to get our level back. It worked.

As soon as we passed the vampires, it starts pretty well for us

Especially Mages have no really control over the encounter with us. The problem starts with gromnir, who actually deals huge damage against us. Unluckily we do not reach lvl 21, so there is no extra fighter skill like damage resistance for us.
Basically we had to exploit the AI to win against him :3

So far my first update :)

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