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XPcap removal

Dear development team
I should congratulate and thank you for the release of my favorite game on my new favorite platform.
I am a quite experienced bg player playing since the release of the first title and having finished the game(s) with many different plchars and party setups, so many times that i lost count some time ago.
Have only one petition to make, cause otherwise i think you've done a really nice work:
Plz remove the xp cap for BGII!!! I am among other chars soloing with a gnome illu/cleric and he is allready capped, havent yet set foot in throne of B. He has allready torn to pieces everything in its path and i know from experience that 2 more 9 lvl spells for him right now just means less rest and nothing more.
I am a mc user so dont have access to mods which i guess have allready reached windows and i really dont care about them except from this.
Plz find a way to implement this at least for soloing characters 40/40 would be so sweet :)

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