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The Black Pits II Items And Rewards Guide



  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    pentolino said:

    @Yannir do you think 200K will be enough given the fact that my team is 3x monks and 3x sorcerers? :smile:

    Well, you only need to buy Robe of Vecna and that Fire Giant Belt, maybe Gargoyle Boots as well. 200k should be plenty for those.

    That is the ultimate poverty team, btw.. :smiley: Please tell me they are all Sun Soul Monks and Dragon Disciples? The ultimate fire&flames kind of team. :smiley:

  • pentolinopentolino Member Posts: 8
    @Yannir 1 Dragon Disciple, 2 Regular Sorcerer, 1 Regular Monk, 1 Sun Monk, 1 Dark monk :-)
    They all fall down like flies :smile:

  • ameliabogginsameliaboggins Member Posts: 287
    `I invested in 4x potions of master thievery and robbed every npc I could get up to.`

    does that potion effect not get dispelled when you walk out of the bedroom area?

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    From what I read, you can only increase hero or villain score 3 times per battle, but what if I don't stick to one role in the 3 choices, like I choose 2 hero 1 villain, or 1 hero 2 villain, can I still alter the score in my following attempts, if not, we'll get a smaller chance to get reward in the end...

    Oh, I also noticed a error, it's SW2H15 for Silver Sword, not PLANETAR :)

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 712
    @islandking Thanks for your input!
    Yes, it's counterproductive to alternate between roles. If you increase your score for one, the score for the other one decreases. See the last two lines of this code:
    //Code from script file OHB_101.BCS
    GlobalLT("ohb_101_score_limit","global",3) //If ohb_101_score_limit < 3
    RESPONSE #100
    SetGlobal("ohb_raise_hero_score","global",0) //Prevents further incrementation
    IncrementGlobal("ohb_101_score_limit","global",1) //Increments ohb_101_score_limit by 1
    Are you sure about the sword? I remember gathering the data directly from the scripts. But I could be wrong.

  • islandkingislandking Member Posts: 426
    edited May 2017
    Sorry for late the response. I'm not very familiar with programming codes, what I mean is if in the same battle:
    1st fight. I choose hero, so hero +1
    2nd fight. I choose hero, so hero +2
    3rd fight. I choose villain, so hero +1
    Here comes the part I don't understand, I read there's a three tries limit, so can the 4th fight still alter the score? Let's say
    4th fight. I choose villain, what will happen?

    PLANETAR is the weapon Plantar's wielding, it doesn't have descriptions in EEkeeper, still the same appearance of the silver sword, maybe has the same effects as well, but not the same sword players can get.
    In fact, as some items have many different versions in game, many of the listed codes aren't the "player" version
    eg. Mace of Disruption, should be BLUN25
    Saving Grace, should be SHLD27
    Pride of the Legion, PLAT15
    Sentinel, SHLD22
    Soul Reaver, SW2H08
    Unless, of course, we did receive some non-player versions of items, which would be odd, because some of the icon are actually different.

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 712
    edited June 2017
    If you make these choices then at the end of the 3rd fight, ohb_hero would have increased by 1 (1 + 1 - 1) and ohb_villain by 1.
    Rereading the code I posted, yes it seems you can't raise your score more than 3 times. So, my guess would be that there wouldn't be any effect on the score past the 3rd fight. To be sure, you could check the variables with this CLUA code:
    The limit doesn't seem to care whether you chose hero or villain. Which is why you should stick to one. There's no benefit in switching anyway.

    Alright, thanks for the info on the sword. I don't have the game installed now, but next time I do, I'll check it out directly.

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