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Hello(spoilers included)

So 'im Barthold. I ran through the original Baldur's gate and Baldur's gate 2+ Throne of Bhaal more then ten years ago. At the time it was released i found it one of my all time favorite games and i still think it is. So now with the enhanced edition's of Baldur's gate i plan to play through the series one more time. More then ten years ago i played mostly with a good aligned character. I remember the party when i finished the game 2 times. First time through the series i played with a barbarian. Second time i played with a berserker.The good aligned party which i beated throne of Bhaal the first time was: me a berserker(with flail of ages and crom faeyr), Keldorn with carsomyr, Valygar with celestial fury and hindo's doom, Jaheira with staff of the ram, Imoen as my mage/thief. I remember also playing with anonem and minsc.

Alrdy more then ten years ago i wanted to go through the series with an evil aligned party. Korgan+Viconia+jan+Edwin+ Sarevok or Dorn just seems so awesome to me. For me playing a thief-minded character with an evil party just fits. So first i had to decide which sort of thief i wanted to play. I thought of an assassin, swashbuckler, a dual class fighter-thief or a dual class kensai-thief. I looked some things up on the internet.
And i read this line:" A dual-classed kensai/thief who manages to hit epic levels in BG2 and unlocks Use Any Item is one of the most devastating melee fighters in the game. They are very slanted toward end-game content, however, so they are not typically very good for hardcore runs as a main character. Swashbuckler/fighters are also very powerful, while multi-class characters have excellent power right from the start of BG1."

I also read this line:"Dual or Multi? Dual-classing presents some significant end-game bonuses and borderline broken possibilities, but doing so requires you to have a dedicated thief in order to handle trap disarming and lockpicking for quite some time. Also, you're limited to being human meaning no racial bonuses. At the end of BG2 a dual-class character will be slightly stronger than a multi-class one, though the difference will not be especially pronounced. A multi-class character will be much stronger through BG1 and the early-mid part of BG2 as it will only slightly lag in levels early on and not have to deal with an inactive class at any point. Multi-class characters will also receive both rogue and fighter HLAs. Both options have strengths depending on your focus."

And since i plan to play first baldur's gate enhanced edition and then import my character into shadows of amn.I decided to go for a multi class fighter-thief.
I read some things about the Npc Shar-teel, it said that she was pretty awesome if you dual-classed her to a thief at level 3 and then let her use dagger of venom + the longsword varscona and let her become a mean backstabbing machine. I wanted to have this power for my main character so now my party is: ME(multi class fighter-thief wielding dagger of venom + Varscona), Dorn, Kagain, Viconia, Neera and Edwin. I have more then sufficient mages in my party and good enough fighters but i miss good ranged in my party.
So it's kinda awkward to have Viconia, Neera and Edwin use slings.(no bows, crossbows). So alrdy now i made up my mind for my bg2 shadows of amn party: My fighter-thief, Korgan(axes and warhammers), Dorn (later maybe Sarevok),Viconia as my cleric, Edwin as my main spellcaster and i will replace Neera for Jan, because then i will have someone good with ranged(xbows).

I had to pick a race, for a multi class i doubted between a half elf, dwarf or halfling. I know that for the Viconia romance you have to meet certain requirements. But in the end i picked a halfling, because i had found a very nice portrait for him, and also the only multi class a halfling can be is fighter-thief. And i like dwarfs and halflings more then a half elf. So maybe i will not be able to romance viconia, but so be it. I like Humans to but they can only dual class and not multiclass.

So at first i had big fun getting my party through Nashkell, cloakwood, etc.. till return to Candlekeep. But then i encountered a bug with the level2 wizard spell luck. My weapon specializations dissapeared. This was a huge turn off for me. I had to use EEkeeper to add the + weapon proficiencies again. It kinda ruïned my game a bit because normally i would never use that program and i'm used to run bug free through games without having things that mess up with the fun. But i might swallow that bitter pil and just continue with my adventure(i'm now in candlekeep catacombs).

I plan to give all the stats increasing tomes to my main character and get him all the stuff i need for shadows of amn. I like the thief his backstab, and especially through bgee, it has proven to be quite usefull. Almost instant-killing mages with the dagger of venom is just a lot helpfull also because there are a lot of mages to fight against. Now that my hide in shadows + move silently is over 80, he also almost always hide in shadows succesfully. When i fighted the Iron throne party at the top level i also gulped 4 potions of invisibility to get those mages and clerics down pretty fast.
Backstab rocks in Bgee.

I also noticed that playing evil feels natural. You encounter enough good aligned enemies to get your reputation low and it's just go with the flow, you don't neccesarily have to kill random people, luckily it doesn't work that way, playing evil just point itself out and you aren't forced to do anything you don't like. You encounter enough neutral druids or good paladins that want to fight you and then your reputation drops. Sometimes you do good stuff and it increases again. Just have to be carefull that your rep doesn't drop beneath 4 or guards will attack you.

I'm alrdy looking forward of killing the good dragon in the underdark and killing drizzt and his party, because i never did that in BG. And i want to see what it gives.

This was my story,

Greetz Barthold

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