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Black Pits Questions

So despite having rolled more than a few characters in BG:EE and finishing the game a couple of times, I haven't gotten my feet wet with regards to the Black Pits yet. I've rolled up a party and done 2-3 fights but nothing too serious. I don't want a huge amount of foreknowledge but I had a few questions to help plan out a party.

1. Is the game mode balanced for strong parties? Will I be in for an excessively easy game if I min/max my rolls?
2. Are there any disadvantages for resting? Are you rewarded for conserving health/magic in fights?
3. Which thief skills (if any) are good to focus on?
4. Are the weapons/armor about the same as those found in the main campaign? Anything in particular that I should prepare for?

Any other general tips would be helpful too. For curiosity's sake, here's the party I've been mulling over:

Human Cavalier :: Two-Handed Swords, Halberds
Half-Orc Barbarian :: Dual-Wielding Long Swords, ????
Dwarf Fighter/Cleric :: Blunt Weapons, Shields
Elf Archer :: Composite Long Bows
Gnome Thief/Illusionist :: Short Bows, Quarterstaves
Elf Sorcerer :: Darts


  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
    looks solid, although that elf archer will probably be the weakest link, but hey you'll still not have too many problems

  • DelvarianDelvarian Member Posts: 1,232
    1. You should be able to handle anything even without a min /maxed party.

    2. No, to both questions

    3. Unfortunately you won't really get any use from your thief skills.

    4. I believe all weapons and armor sold in BP is the exact same found in the game. The stores sell better stuff in each tier so best to try and save money.

  • WolkWolk Member Posts: 279
    1. The game will still be chalenging if you min/max your characters

    2. Unleash all you have in each fight, you'll even be rested after each fight without doing it yourself, only rest on level up.

    3. No use in BP1, if you go in BP2, put some in pick pocket. Also, detect illusion rocks.

    4. There is no special weapons in BP1 except a +2 warhammer +1 lightning. All other weapons or armor go from normal to +2.

    And unlike an earlier post, elven archer is uber powerfull in BP.

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