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Candlekeep Blues

As the title implies, I am caught in a bit of a tight spot in Candlekeep, chapter 6. For any people who haven't reached this point in the game, yes, there are spoilers. Naughty naughty spoilers that will ruin your story experience so cover your face if you don't want them.

With that warning out of the way, I will explain my problem. After confronting Rieltar and taking offense to his rude tone, I did what any sane person would do and killed him + all the people on that floor, I then went up a few floors (killing people along the way before they engaged me in conversation, lest any of those cowards escape my insatiable lust for EXP) until I was finally caught off guard by a chap named The Gatewarden. I resisted arrest, because even though I was guilty I never admit fault, and needless to say I was slaughtered quicker than a prostitute in London circa 1888. Not one to be discouraged, I reloaded, attacked him before he was able to lock me in the dialogue of doom, and surprisingly was not one shot. Then I killed Tethtoril and Ulruant, surprisingly tough for old men, and everyone else.
I wondered around Candlekeep (still cutting those precious sacks of EXP open along the way, naturally) and found that I was utterly at a loss for what to do next. I looked up a Youtube play through of this part in particular and noticed I was supposed to surrender myself.
Except I saved after killing all the guards.
And my most recent save before that is a good 6 hours behind.
I am now panicking.

Do any of you gentlemen know a way for me to progress the story without needing to reload or give myself up to the cops? I can't surrender cause I gotta keep my street cred up, west side.

Many thanks for reading.



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