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Hexxat repeats the same lovetalk forever

CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,135
edited February 2014 in Not An Issue
I think I got the "what type of cosmopolitan you are" like 3 times before noticing that it was repeating the dialog.
it might be because the romance didn't trigger and I used the console to do so, she've died several times in the middle and got stuck as a mist so I had to kick and re accept her, the last time (she got killed by a mind flayer) I did so she came up with a dialog I had seen already, the "mission completed" of the second quest (the search of the Shroud).
There is also something that prevents her from moving more than a few steps before stopping to walk, I think this is related to her Regeneration and the Mist/full vampire animation change.
I've done very little edits, only to get max lvl up HP with Viconia, Dorn and Hexxat, I've changed some proficiencies too but it was waaaaaay before I started Hexxat's romance.
saved game here..

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