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Bonnie and Clyde - two thieves only run

Hey. I just started a bounty hunter run and i intend on only taking Imoen with me through the whole game.

The BH can handle most stuff with backstab/traps and imoen basically acts as bait the whole time, although she also lays traps. I do not want to dual class her into anything as i'd like this to be a sneaky criminal spree playthrough.

My question to the more seasoned players is if there are any "undoable" parts of the game with this set up that I should know. I know all the areas of the game, but I've only finished it a couple of times so I might ovelook something.

And also, what would be the best AC gear to have on those two? Shadow armor and studded +1 seem to be the top two. Also the claw is good with 18Con. Avything else?


  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
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    You will have a lot of fun and adventures, but beware:

    In the end they will die riddled by a burst of magic missiles casted by mercenary mages of the Flaming Fist.
  • PblackPblack Member Posts: 37

    Hmmm, I figure as much. BH loses its edge with surprise attacks indeed. Maybe I can be a little less evil and keep my rep high enough for that not to be a problem.
  • DregothofTyrDregothofTyr Member Posts: 229
    I've been thinking about doing an all-thieves run, with 6 thieves/multiclass thieves. It would make the thieves guild and the hall of wonders quests in Baldur's Gate a lot easier and a lot more interesting, and with enough multiclasses I think it would be totally viable to beat the game.
  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
    Thieves have it quite easy in BGEE so it should be no problem :
    - HIS/MS allow you to select your fights and use hit and run tactics (especially with the boots of speed)
    - Backstab makes short work of most mages
    - invis/backstab/invis through potions/ring make the final fight laughably easy
    - Pickpocket allow you to get some VERY nice items very early (scimitars, ring of free action)
    - they can use bow which is easily the best weapon class in BGEE.

    The only difficult part (as usual) would be the duchal palace.

    For AC your best bet is the shield amulet (from the carnival). It gives the same base than the shadow armor but can be used with other protective items. It comes with 10 charges but is also very cheap. So you can sell and buy it back for 50 charges (more than you will ever need).

    Using it you can go to :
    4 (shield amu) - 4 (dex) - 2 (ring +2) - 1 (buckler or single weapon PIP) - 2 (drizzt scimitar but good only) - 1 (cloak of balduran) - 1 (claw)= -7. a potion of defense will get you to -11 if i am correct.

    At these levels of AC, the only thing you have to fear is critical hits but they can be very nasty since you have no helmet.

    on a side note, the best class of thieves in BGEE is obviously assassin (poison weapon being completely OP) which could go nicely in concept of your run.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
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    mumumomo said:

    on a side note, the best class of thieves in BGEE is obviously assassin (poison weapon being completely OP) which could go nicely in concept of your run.

    Debatable. You lose out on a lot of thieving skills to get that poison weapon. Its a good ability but for instance you'd take so many levels to get your trap skills up that its just not a good match for what OP wants. As (for instance) a halfling with 19 dexterity if you put every skill point towards find traps you wouldn't get 100 set traps until level 5. A bounty hunter in the same setup could get Set Traps to 95 by level 3. Overall he also ends up having 60 points more than an assassin. Anyways, I think the bounty hunter is a better fit for what the OP wants.
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  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
    poison weapon is not a "good" ability. It's an extraordinarily OP ability :
    - damage output is ridiculously high since it stacks
    - it bypass magic protections like mirror image and stoneskin
    - it makes spellcasting impossible.
    - it works on detonation arrow. Not needed but quite fun to watch

    As for thieving skills, if the assassin is your only thief you have to make difficult choices since it's not possible in the first game to get good level (at least 80) in all the BGEE useful skills (find traps, set snares, HIS/MS)

    However, with 2 thieves i don't see any problem, even if you really want to use snares :

    As you said, by level 5 (10000xp, not that much really) you can have 100 in set snares. By level 10 you can also reach decent HIS/MS levels (especially if you use boosting items)

    Imoen by level 4 will have 100 in set snares. By level 7 she will have 70 in find traps (if you need more, use some potions). By level 10 decent level in HIS/MS.

    An assassin/imoen run would have much more variety than a BH/imoen run that would rely almost excusively on traps.

    As to whether it fits what the OP wants or not, i really cannot say, just giving my personnal opinion.
  • PblackPblack Member Posts: 37
    An assassin would be good indeed, but i find backstab dependance to be too one-dimensional. With traps I csn create more scenarios to set up kills, and dagger of venom basically makes me an assassin for bg1 purposes. Im also a half orc, wich makes my backstabs very deadly anyhow.

    I finished that run, got mouthy with angelo and he killed Imoen in flaming fist headquarters. Finished the game solo and i'm now rockin with yoshimo on bg2.

    Having 6 special snares ( they are trowable!) available + x5 backstabs with both my thieves seems to be a lot more powerful than what I would have with an assassin right now. Plus, my skills are higher. I really dont find the assassin to be all that powerful. Right now (lvl 12) the bounty hunter seems way more solid. Later on the assassin would start to shine with deadlier backstabs, but then the BH will have better traps and in the end, both can have spike traps, wich are probably the deadliest thief weapon. I really don't think poison weapon is that awesome when you can get something like dagger of venom or scarlet ninja to (thou there are no solid choices for poison weapons in SoA)
  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
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    Assassin are not strong because of backstab. high multipliers kick in too late and hard ennemies cannot be backstabbed anyway.

    They are strong because of poison weapon.

    I guess you never really tried it if youcompare it to scarlet ninja to or poison dagger.

    I also used to be doubtful but actually it has NOTHING in common with the poison of these items
    The reason if, even if the ennemy saves, the poison applies huge damage (much higher than these two) AND prevents any spell casting. If they don't make the save, the damage is just higher.
    Basically, if you connect 2-3 times with poison weapon (1 round of attack), the ennemy will die seconds later while being incapable to cast anything.

    Oh, and it bypass stoneskin and mirror image. On a blackguard or dual assassin/fighter you have easily the best damage output in the game

    Anyway, it's good that you get good results with 2BH
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  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Poison weapon adds at least 12 damage over 6 seconds which is immense.

    Click it and that's it, every attack deals +12 damage. That's like the craziest buff ever.
  • WanderonWanderon Member Posts: 1,418
    Gotural said:

    Poison weapon adds at least 12 damage over 6 seconds which is immense.

    Click it and that's it, every attack deals +12 damage. That's like the craziest buff ever.

    It seems like it lasts longer than the description says as well (every hit within the next round) or at least the icon for it seems to last a long time. (haven't actually tested it that's just what I have observed while playing an assassin recently)

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