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[BG:EE Mod] Disable EE NPCs, EE items available in shops

PeccaPecca Member Posts: 1,977
edited August 2014 in BG:EE Mods
The first part of this mod makes some new items introduced by BG:EE available in shops across the Sword Coast, so you don't have to recruit new NPCs to get them. Enemies still wear them, but they are undroppable (except Elven Chain). Redistributed items are:
Albruin - Thunderhammer Smithy
Elven Chainmail - Thunderhammer Smithy
Amulet of Spell Warding - Feldepost Inn
Gem Bag - Friendly Arm Inn
Adoy's Belt - Carnival Shop (the only square one)
Glimmering Bands - Carnival Shop (the only square one)
Cursed Girdle of Hill Giant Strength - Lucky Aello's Discount Store at the entrance of Baldur's Gate

Note: As of patch1.3, Glimmering Bands will be only usable by Rasaad. This mod changes them back to be usable by anyone.

The second part lets you remove new EE NPCs Dorn, Neera and Rasaad (all are separate choices in WeiDU install).
I also added an option for Neera, which doesn't remove her, but tweaks her introduction so she won't force a dialogue. Instead she will wait until player talks to her.

First part of the mod (ee items in shops) exist as an override non-WeiDU mod, so even iPad and Android players can use it. Just extract the file "EE_items.rar" below in the override (or portraits for iPad). Note that the items will only be available in those shops if you haven't already visited them.

The second file "EE_content_tweaks.rar" contains WeiDU installer with both parts of this mod. You can install each component individually. It should be compatible with any mod that doesn't do the exact changes I did.

Edited 3.8. 2014

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