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No Rest Challenge


It might sound insane, but I wanted just to bring it up since it came to my mind and I haven't seen it anywhere yet:

-Everything is allowed in the game. The only thing that is forbidden is resting.

The game at the beginning is regular as usual and the challenge triggers when party needs to rest. As far as I know is that luck is decreased when the party does not rest... constantly. So if the assumption is right then the hit gets theoretically infinitly low. Fighters would be of no use anymore.
Furthermore casters don't have time to prepare their spells in the resting time. They basically rely only on spells that can be bought and used only once.

Is it even possible to finish a challenge like this? Are there any exploits to make it possible? Would be glad of any ideas.

My idea so far is to run with a party of 6 Skalds who provide singing while a casted familiar (lol) does the fight (since he doesnt get fatigued). Then the team support him with offensive magic and summons from bought spells.


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,413
    Fatigue has very severe penalties to every roll. It decreases your damage rolls and increases the enemy's damage rolls substantially. With enough fatigue your character will do piddling amount of damage, like 2-3 damage even on a critical quadrable damage backstab. And enemy attacks will do more damage:a horrid wilting will do near maximum damage, which will decimate anyone not immune to magic.

    So I guess it is not feasible, you should count on summons, but you don't get new spells. So your best bet is to drink a lot of thievery potions, and steal every summoning spell/scroll from merchants. Sell the summoning wand and steal it back for maximum charges. Then a party of six skalds singing to boost the summons 'may' work. Until you run into an enemy that blasts out the summons instantly, or your summons weapon and attacks are ineffective.

  • LJingLJing Member Posts: 16
    Yeah its an good idea to equip myself with stolen wands and scrolls.
    I actually might have to count on wands (Cloud of death) only, if all my summons die.
    The good message is that I should not mind resummoning my familiar once he is dead. Decreased Constitution of Charname shouldn't be too much of an impact since Charname doesn't need much hp anyway.

    Another thing to mention: Windspear Hill quest cannot be triggered, since Charname is forced to sleep there.

  • bbearbbear Member Posts: 1,180
    edited March 2014
    LJing said:

    Another thing to mention: Windspear Hill quest cannot be triggered, since Charname is forced to sleep there.

    You can still enter the dungeon. In the dialogue option, pick "I dont need your charity." When you approach the dungeon, the Garren guy appears and mentions that his daughter/son got kidnapped.

    There are 2 resting events in SoA. The first takes place at the boat journey to Spellhold and the second is the optional boat trip to the Shark/Lizard city.

  • SkaffenSkaffen Member Posts: 709
    Forging weapons at Cromwell gives the rest animation - not sure if it does the actual resting though.

  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
    You should totally be evil and call the "No Rest for the Wicked" play through

    @Skaffen‌ you do rest, spells are memorised and i think you're healed

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