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Multi-class kits/Dual Class Kits

For those of us that like to play a pen 'n paper variation of the game, there are a few big differences that are hard to implement based on the game design. For instance, kits are allowed for purposes of multi-classing and dual classing with an exception that specialized mages aren't allowed for multi-classing (emphasizes that a specialist mage needs to dedicate all his efforts in spellcasting while pursuing this profession, likewise, specializing in a weapon is also prohibited while multi-classing. Though this does not restrict a dual-classer as you put down one profession to focus on another, therefore specialists are allowed in this instance.)

So in ordinary pen 'n paper, a player could have multiple kits, as well as dual-class multiple times (as long as there is a multi-class variation to the build).

Anyways, after messing around in EEKeeper, I definitely can't implement a multi kit class or a dual kit class. Nor could I implement a multi-class Swashbuckler/mage appropriately. Every time I try the set up, the swashbuckler mage will always have a x2 backstab when it should have one. I'm assuming that the affects tab in EEKeeper has something to chance it to x1 but I have yet to find it. Can anyone assist in this concern?


  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,207
    I haven't had any trouble with dual-class with kit the couple of times I've tried; dual-classing from a kit that is. I've only done it through the game though, no EE Keeper witchcraft involved.
  • Draith012Draith012 Member Posts: 174
    yeah, it works fine to have one kit but you can't have two kits and it doesn't work quite well for multiclass with certain combinations.
  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,207
    More than one kit not being possible is some sort of engine limitation if I recall correctly, so that one's not a bug. Multi-classing with kit I'm not sure about but someone else should be able to chime in on that one for sure.
  • Draith012Draith012 Member Posts: 174
    you can add one kit to multi class through EEKeeper but in general, based on the pen n' paper rules, one should be allowed to use a kit for every dual or multi class with the mage exception of course.
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