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Which of two playthroughs?

BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,466
Hi everyone. I'm a seasoned BG player (though TOB not so much, I only completed that one twice), and I was wondering whether I should post here about my next playthrough.

I'll be playing not EE but BGT, this because of a number of mods I want to play with. Most importantly the item randomizer and trap revisions. The latter is a little known mod that changes the trap setting system. A trap's damage output depends on the number of skill points invested in traps (so one could go way over 100 skill points). Traps are categorized in different tiers: basic, advanced, expert, master, with master being the HLA traps. Setting a single trap costs between 50 and 2500 gold depending on the tier. The mod introduces a bounty-hunter-only alchemical trap and eliminates the vanilla special traps for the bounty hunter. It also introduces a couple of new class-specific traps: arcane traps for the thief/mage and divine traps for the cleric/mage. The readme can be found here:

I've rolled two characters.

First there's Nelsy Brightweather the CG Bounty Huntress.


She's cheerful and rather naive, with no real interest in power but eager to do good and looking forward to live the 'Life'. Her personality is similar to that of Alora and Imoen, though below the surface she isn't as carefree, as she's really demanding with herself. She shares Coran's 'steal from the rich, give to the poor' mentality.
I created her using the dice for pretty much every characteristic: gender, race, class, kit, alignment. I did however pick her weapon proficiencies (daggers and darts) myself and also gave myself ten rolls for attributes plus the freedom to max out one skill (dexterity being the obvious choice). Unfortunately I didn't get more than 83 points, which is an all-time low for me.
As you can see Anelsy's already quite skilled in setting traps, thanks to the trap revisions mod, which awards the bounty hunter with 25 skill points in trap setting at character creation. She also has three traps at level 1 another courtesy of the same mod (one I really like, because playing a bounty hunter with only one damaging trap is tedious...)

Second, there is Teyl, another halfing but one much darker of heart: a NE (shadowkeepered) Strifeleader of Cyric/Thief. Ever since he was child Teyl has felt the pull of darkness inside him in spite of being surrounded by guiding figures of unquestionable moral calibre such as Tethoril, Imoen, the priests of Oghma and above Gorion. One example was his plan to poison one of the visitors at Winthrop's Inn, a haughty scholar from Waterdeep, just to see how Candlekeep would react. A plan he would have carried out if not for the arrival of Imoen who'd been following Teyl around and would have witnessed the scene. Teyl "accidentally" threw the poisoned food on the ground, and abandonded his plans. But the urges never abandoned him. Teyl attributed them to one of the Gods, and after a lively dream of meeting Cyric, he became a follower...
Teyl, unlike his gnomish counterpart Tiax, is cunning, calculating and not overtly evil. He takes good care of his appearance, is generally polite to strangers and even willing to do "good" if he sees personal benefits that make his dogoodery worthwhile.


As you can see, Teyl has great stats (a legit roll, but not after ten attempts, but 100). Besides I allowed him to have both Dex and Wis maxed out (at the cost of CHA, his STR was actually 17!). I didn't roll for his gender/class/kit/alignment. Teyl is more of a creation of my own. I've a soft spot for gnomes and halflings (more than dwarves), and I wanted to play an evil one that is not grotesquely evil unlike some NPCs (such as Korgan and Tiax). Cleric-Thief is just an interesting class, that isn't played often.
Teyl may become very powerful. The Strifeleader (Divine remix mod) offers good spells plus a poison weapon ability every six levels that goes well with a thief of course.

The idea is to roleplay, not powergame, and do parts solo and parts with NPCs. I want it to be a no-reload (or less likely: minimal reload) playthrough. Will be playing Core rules, but with all characters having maximum hit points (charname, friends and foes). I'll likely explore all areas, so no skiving, besides item randomization calls for extensive exploration.

Does either of these characters interest any of you? If yes, which one would you like to read about?

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  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,466
    Hmmm no replies... maybe there are too many playthrough logs out there to get people interested. I think I think I'll just decide on one of the two and start posting in the Minimal Reload Challenge thread.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,466
    Ok, one question, and then I'll stop plugging this thread. Is it "not done" on this forum to discuss or report on BGT or Tutu playthroughs? If that is the case, I'll respect that.
    (BTW I bought and played BG:EE (BG2:EE not yet). I totally support Beamdog and I would be a happy man if Baldur's Gate 3 came to be. The thing is that there are mods out there that have not (yet) been implemented for EE, which is why I returned to BGT for my next playthrough.)

  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    I like both of your character concepts, but I find Teyl a bit more interesting. I am not familiar with the kit, but cleric/thief is a fun character to play and well suited for minimal reload. The farthest I ever got in the 75 roll, no reload challenge was with a C/T.

    I think this forum is very supportive of all BG varieties and that shouldn't stop you from posting. I'd be interested to hear how it goes for sure!

  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,302
    edited March 2014
    Hi @Blackraven, just FYI you can post playthroughs in General as well--but, as we know, in that forum threads move off page 1 rather fast, eventually never to be seen again. Here, although the forum gets less traffic, they'll be preserved a lot longer. It's also a forum where people might actually click through to previous pages. And you can request that a challenge or playthrough be added to the archive of thread links (see first sticky thread).

    Myself, I think I'm a little more interested in the game featuring the Bounty Hunter trap setting mod. But go with whichever floats your boat because either will be interesting to follow.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,466
    Hey @JLee and @Lemernis
    Thanks both of you for your input. I have all afternoon, so I'm about to embark on my journey :D
    I had a very hard time to decide who to play, so what better solution than 'heads or tails'? Nelsy the Bounty Huntress won a best out of three, so I'll be playing her. (IFunny because pretty much her entire character is based on luck...)

    I'll be posting about my progress in here (rather than in "General").
    Thanks again!

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