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No more big red statistic for familiar Death

CallirgosCallirgos Member Posts: 67
This is a speculation of player response to a misused game indicator in regards to familiar death, the big red statistic.

I think one of the reasons most players get jittery and derailed from familiar death isn't so much the permanent constitution loss ( which is olde school epic ) but the fact that the feedback is a big red statistic.

The red statistic is an indicator to the player that something is wrong. In all other cases that "something" is fixable. When an attribute is drained there is a restoration spell, and the big red statistic is "fixed".

Its havoc to a players psychology to have that red statistic as permanent feedback. It creates out of character, meta game, resentment that the player directs bluntly onto the game... and it never goes away. A bad situation all around.

Is there a better way to indicate the constitution loss? Is the constitution loss the best consequence to familiar death? Could we get rid of that permanent, resentful, depressing, mocking, big red statistic!?

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