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NWN and my frustration

NWN_babaYagaNWN_babaYaga Member Posts: 732
edited March 2014 in Off-Topic
2 times now that the bio forums were changed and our community (which is small already...) is hurt again by another created nail in the coffin for our old passion and talks about it. I love the game, it´s deep rooted in my heart but the company who did it is honestly and nicely expressed "not in the same league" as it was back then. Yes i know that since many many years but there is a regime now that is not connected to their own history anymore and that makes me not only angry but it shows me once more that the gaming biz in the so called top A-list of devs and publishers are the people i hate as an amateur artist with a reason. The older i get the more i distance myself from these new people or ideas!

Ah man, this is frustrating. I´m not even that old but i miss the days of games that were just games and gaming forums not a place for everything...lamestream can be hard to ignore if it affects you!


  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    I have mixed feelings about NWN, but I have no doubt the community was strong given the liquid awesomeness that was the Aurora toolset. I never liked the single player campaign but lost many happy hours fiddling with the editor. You have my full sympathy for any problems the NWN community is going through.

    The thing I hope for most in Beamdog's possible future is a similarly powerful editor/module creator for BG3/Spiritual successor/Whatever Beamdog does next. Given the number of budding DMs, module writers and modders out there it's something that would be welcomed by oldschool RPG fans the world over.

  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,194
    I was really pissed off and never went back after they lost all my cd-keys. I still actually have the manuals and thus my keys, but I really liked having them on the site for safekeeping and also liked the original profiles/forums a great deal.

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    I left when they changed the old, site to the communities one. I think NWN's the only game I reminisce over from time to time.

  • FuRYFuRY Member Posts: 21
    I think with NWN I played through the single campaign once for the original and two expansions. Infact now that I think about it, I haven't completed HotU because I was generally playing on Shadows of the Swordcoast server instead. May have to rectify that once I get through this BG2 run.

    It was a great game, full of emotions switching from joy to anger (atleast on the the servers I played that weren't the original campaigns). From haven't your character permanently killed due to a silly error on your part or perhaps slow internet speeds to taking out a level 30 player with your lowly level 15 character.

    Was over the moon when I heard about the MMO Neverwinter although it just didn't grab my interest as NWN once did.

  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,194
    edited March 2014
    HotU is one of the best expansions... for any game... ever. It is well worth the playthrough Fury. I haven't been able to bring myself to play the original campaign or SoU again after finishing HotU. It's simply that much better.

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  • FuRYFuRY Member Posts: 21
    I'll definitely have to give it a go once my friend and I complete our BG2 play through. I don't think he has ever played any of the campaigns for NWN which should make it more fun. I only played SoU with an imported character from the original campaign as I was unaware at the time that SoU is a low level campaign.

    Hopefully we're able to connect to each other without issues. Whilst we were struggling to get BG2EE to work we gave NWN a go and sadly it seemed to crash when transitioning to a new area. Then again BG2EE crashes when we change chapter unless I assume control of the characters.

    I know he'll be excited to play as his mage, that said. We'll probably have to go through the original campaign before we hit HotU. On the plus, it gives us something to do with our spare time which doesn't involved going to Computer Exchange to pick up cheap Co-Op games constantly for the consoles.

  • NWN_babaYagaNWN_babaYaga Member Posts: 732
    edited March 2014


    No one wants gamers to make better content for players to play for free.

    thats a strong point. some Developers/ artists are talentfree when it comes to unique self expression and style and they depend only on their technical skills. You see it in lots of level design. Polished levels that are dull and in reality only "tunnels" or open fields of random placed environment objects is what they can do good but it doesnt qualifies as anything more then filler maps or sections.

    Many modders, hobby writers are way more unique and creative and they make many pros look like kids in their own profession... but i´m sure thats part of the bigger problem... that creative freedom is not really what the game designers in charge wants or can push trough the money lenders behind it.

    There is such a difference in quality in games i always wonder for what people are actually paid for. Take DA2 for example... compared to a silent hill 2 game from back then it looks ass. Textures are minimal and level design is non existant. Nothing in that game has quality. (exept maybe writing...but then make a text based adventure without any GFX at all. When you compare the textures alone in photoshop and how the geometry is unwrapped and precisously skinned many games now a days are a mess. They are engine wores..if you know what i mean by that;) It also seems that texture assets and texturators are now split of the level designers and when an asset is fixed a level designer cant say "i need that dusbin" but i have to use the same dirty metall textures (3 of them) for everything that is it looks shitty...

    I know its a bit offtopic but i play lots of old games like max pany 2 right now and even there. The police section in that game throws realistic and lovely detailed level design at you when many newer games are so rushed and boring, not believable in any sense it makes me giggle to see the most studios fail!

    And the new thief game... thanks to the engine that support lots of beams randomly used to create many shadows. You see with a schooled eye that they use these "beams" and strange placed walledges to create a chaotic shadowy atmosphere... thats not level design from back then. the Halflife mappers were better!!!

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