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Add auto save point - Spellhold

DeefjeDeefje Member Posts: 110
hey I've finally made the time to play through BGIIEE lately, and was having a blast.

Though one specific thing really bugged me out, and I rember it truly bugging me out on my very first playthrough ever as well.

There's no autosaves after entering spellhold for ages! The convo with irenicus, the dream sequence, the next convo and the gauntlet are all without autosaves. I'm not even sure how long this goes on but you can lose up to 45 minutes of playtime if you forget to quicksave which basicly kills any will to play for the rest of the evening.

This might sound weird, but it really comes unexpected since the game autosaves on most major transitions in any other part of the game.

Please add an autosave upon:
- entering the dream sequence in spellhold
- entering Bodhi's gaunlet (I was actually thinking, I need to save, then wanted to disarm a trap first, which turned out to be a trap I can't disarm and it instakilled me :<, bye bye <CHARNAME> )
(going to add more as I play further to see when there's an actual autosave again).

anyhow, this burned me out for the reste of the evening so going to check out 'Black sails' since the island put me in a piratey mood.

Thanks for reading.

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