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Questions about BG-EE and BG2-EE Version Numbers


How do I find out which is the latest version of BG-EE and BG2-EE?

Is the latest version of both app's on on the Mac App Store or not?

I bought BG-EE and BG2-EE from the Mac App Store I don't think I have the latest version as I'm hitting bugs that I think are fixed in the latest. How can you tell which version you have installed? When I do a Get Info from the finder it just says 1.2.0 - no build number, why is this?

Also, when I look at BG-EE on the Mac App Store, it doesn't show up in the "Update" Tab, only the "Purchases" Tab, however, if you double click the name of the App in the "Purchases" Tab for BG-EE, it will take you do a page showing the BG game info, on my system, where it would normally say "installed" or the price for you to buy it, it now shows "Update" and the version number, is this the latest version of BG-EE?

When I clicked the Update Button from the BG-EE page it started to download - you can see the progress in the "Purchases" tab - it's a 2.2 GB download, once this has completed, it says "installed". If I now double click on the BG-EE again, it takes me to the App Page BUT the Update Button is still lit up like it hasn't actually updated anything! What is going on? Why are these apps different from the 100,000's+ other Apps on the Store that update correctly?

I tried the same with BG2-EE but it doesn't show the "Update" button, just "Installed".

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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