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A good-news Bad news situation *spoilers for Murder in Baldur's Gate*

BaxyrattyBaxyratty Member Posts: 190
edited March 2014 in Off-Topic
on a whim I did a bit of reading up on FR lore today and came across something utterly terrifying and horrid, and yet wonderful. First the bad news. The BG novels and PnP adventure Murder in Baldur's Gate are cannon. So weepy, over powered bad fan fiction Abdel is cannon. Thee good news? The bad ending of Murder in Baldur's Gate is also cannon.

Abdel is murdered by Viekang, turns into the slayer, starts rampageing around the city and is in turn killed by the PC's of the adventure.

The best news? All the Bhaalspawn are dead, all of Bhaal's essance has returned to the throne which means as of D&D next: Bhaal's back!


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