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Issue with Jaheira's Quest...

Now this is probably my own fault since I was forced to use the console to teleport due to an issue I had with a mod, but I already finished Jaheira's quest and gotten the harper pin. Now I just got the encounter with one of the harpers who you fight during said quest. Could someone please tell me which variable I need to change via eekeeper so I don't have to redo the rest of her quest?


  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,136
    Could you zip/rar your saved game and upload it to the forums so I can fix it for you. Saved games are in Documents/Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition/save, the save is composed by the entire 0000000000 folder with the name you gave to it.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,136
    edited March 2014
  • iavasechuiiavasechui Member Posts: 273
    Not a problem, though like I said I am using a mod. The Edwin Romance one to be exact, aside from the portrait changes that's the only one I'm using. I had a problem with an item that was supposed to teleport me out of an enclosed area and it did not work properly so I had to activate the debug mode and teleport myself back out. I didn't notice any other problems until Jaheira's quest started to play over again. I'm not sure if its because of the mod or the teleport cheat but I just want it deactivated so I don't have to do that all over again -_-;

  • iavasechuiiavasechui Member Posts: 273
    Ah XD Edwin doesn't leave due to the Edwin Romance Mod not letting him leave if the romance is active, if you don't have the mod I assume he left in a huff. Yeah pretty much everyone has died quite often, I had to eekeeper in a rod of ressurection when I was trapped in that encounter or lose all my stuff when I left since Edwin, Charname, and Yoshimo couldn't carry everything -_- and both Anomen and Jaheira were dead so I couldn't raise anyone normally. Not that Jaheira is raising anyone anyways... harper's call just damages her and nothing else. I've checked that that's a known issue though. Hopefully the next patch will fix that.

    Anyways thanks for the help.

  • iavasechuiiavasechui Member Posts: 273
    XD apparently its not just her quest repeating, I'm starting to get her love talks XD

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